July 14, 2024

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Scary video: Streamer fell on her face and broke her teeth on live broadcast

Scary video: Streamer fell on her face and broke her teeth on live broadcast

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MadiHunni, a streamer on the upcoming Kick platform, had an accident that will be remembered for a long time, as she fell and was injured during her live broadcast, breaking her front teeth.

While broadcasting live on another broadcaster called “Ac7ionman” and having fun with her friends by the pool, she goes to crossover.

At that point he seems to slip somewhere and fall hard, face down on the ground. Her friends were dumbfounded, while 25-year-old MadiHunni from Texas checked her teeth as she realized something was wrong.

When she realized she broke her front tooth, she ran to the camera to show the outcome of her accident, as it could have ended worse than this fall.

MadiHunni’s video has gone viral in recent days on social media, with more than 273,000 views, especially on Twitter.

Watch the video

In fact, a few hours later and via Twitter, she responded to her followers concerned about her health.

He simply said he “has two broken teeth and a bloody knee, but fortunately I’m okay.”

She added, of course, that she would need to pay dentists a lot of money to fix her teeth, but she thanked the permanent splint that kept her and saved the rest of her teeth.

Of course, she did not fail to seek the help of her followers in order to give her money to cover medical expenses.

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