April 24, 2024

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School shootings in the United States

School shootings in the United States

The authorities were placed on alert in anticipation of another shooting incident at a school in the United States. It's about Perry High School, the high school in the Iowa district of the same name. The high school and primary school are located in the same building.

The Dallas County, Iowa, Sheriff's Office has confirmed that a shooting in the Perry School District is being investigated In progress. The first reports speak of “many casualties.”

According to NBC, the county sheriff's office has not yet released further details. As can be seen from the first videos posted online, the presence of the authorities in the school is strong.

According to the same source, today (4/1/2023) was the beginning of the second semester at school, after the break that the students took on the occasion of the Christmas and New Year holidays. Perry High School has an enrollment of 1,785 students.

Watch the video from the spot:

As reported by the Daily Mail, eyewitnesses reported this The students came out with tears on their faces They ran into the arms of their parents who had gone to pick them up from school.

According to NBC, the first call to authorities about the shooting was made at 7:40 a.m. (local time). The shared secondary school was evacuated at 08:25, while rescuers were able to evacuate the high school at 08:27 and the rest of the building until 08:40.

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Investigations are still underway to determine the identity of the perpetrator. Several rescue helicopters rushed to the scene to transport all the gunman's victims to the hospital immediately.

An official announcement from the authorities is expected at 11:00 (EST, 18:00 Greek time).