June 23, 2024

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Scientists accidentally discovered a new organ in the human body that had never been seen before!

Scientists accidentally discovered a new organ in the human body that had never been seen before!

A team of scientists have discovered a new organ in the human body while searching for something completely different

Scientific team in Holland They were studying him cancer of the prostate when they discover something exciting at the other end of the body.

More specifically, researchers have been working on this Netherlands Cancer Institute They were performing a series of CT scans and scans I wish In patients to whom it was given Radioactive glucose.

They didn't do this by accident. They knew full well that glucose would make tumors “glow” on CT scans and be more easily detected.

This substance is also very useful for detecting salivary glands. So when they examined the results, the experts noticed that some spots inside the human head were also lit up, which piqued their interest. According to acceptableLooking closely at the research results, it was found that there are some salivary glands behind the nose and near where the nasal cavity meets the throat. Experts believe that specific glands lubricate your neck behind the neck nose And mouth for you. The Dutch team gave it the name: “Tubular salivary gland».

Then to make sure, they tested it 100 patients And make sure that every person has such a gland behind his nose.

The human body has other things Three major salivary glands.They are all located in the head except one, where the tubular glands are located.

the Parotid glands They are the main elements and provide saliva, which helps you chew and swallow food.

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It is located below the lower jaw Submandibular glandsResponsible for producing most of the saliva in the mouth.

The last and perhaps least important is Sublingual glands It is located under the tongue.