June 25, 2024

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“Scorpio's bar” woman removed! PAM!

“Scorpio's bar” woman removed!  PAM!

She became famous overnight Video promoting 'Scorpios' bar on TikTok. With her word “Scorpio is for you. PAM!” The Marina Bobetsi is from Perm, Russia Rising in popularity, “Scorpios” went viral on TikTok.

Apart from Tiktok's trend, it is used with variations for the promotion of other stores, the success of the summer belongs to her, while she inspired the summer review of Marcos Seferlis in “Delpinario”.

But because of this success, “in time,” as she says, She was stopped by 'Scorpios', which she pointed outAnd, as he says, He received bad behavior from his ex-girlfriend and bar owner Maria Iardanova.

On her part, The owner replied that she kicked her out because she messed up the store.

Marina Bobechi: She didn't like it when people came and asked me

Are you friends with the owner of Scorpios bar? How many years have you known her?

We have been friends for years. We worked together for many years. He decided to open his own store and wanted to gather a strong team! Of course I will go.

How did the viral video with you that made the store known all over Greece come about?

“Scorpios are for you” (laughs) opens on December 20, 2023. The whole team was thinking of how to get this out to the world beyond our friends and acquaintances. When a friend suggested we create a TikTok account and advertise, we tried Facebook and Instagram. Actually, Maria (owner of SS: “Scorpios”) created an account and we started videos from inside the store, drinks… Antonia (Russian, power!) made the first video, then Peppa made the second video. , another girl. The third video is mine.

How was it filmed? Do you have a script?

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I was embarrassed. Finally we drank both whole, and the video you all know was made…

After the success of the video, which reached at least 10 million views, what happened?

I don't have a good relationship with social media. The neighbor said “You've become famous, you're playing everywhere” and showed me. I came to study what is a virus. To be honest, I was upset at first. I was wondering what they would say about me. I was reading the comments too. I have a child too, don't say a bad word.

But now;

People recognize me on the street. They talk to me and congratulate me. Others ask to take a picture, while others say “PAM!” They ask you to say the line. Positive comments…

Do you still work at Scorpios Bar? How are you treated?

That's the thing. After the success of my video and what I said, I no longer work at 'Scorpios'. People come, fans ask me, others give me champagne. Indeed, some came to see me from Sparta, Thessalonica and other cities, they brought me gifts, others gave me money saying “Scorpios for you.” The owner didn't like it. Friendships go for a walk when money comes to hand.

What do I mean? What happened;

Maria (Yordanova) stopped me from the shop. She doesn't like to come and ask me. They say “Where's the beauty that says PAM?” She and the store wanted to reap the success. It showed jealousy and malice. Too bad, because we've known each other for years.

After years of cooperation and friendship he kicked you out?

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Maria did not appreciate what had happened. In general, he does not appreciate everyone who works there. He was not behaving nicely. She paid 50 euros for editing the videos, we don't own her. On social media, Vetri would comment to him thanking me and ask me to watch videos about the shop with me, and he would respond with insults.

What will you do next?

I say become an influencer. I had opportunities to make promotional videos and say slogans for various businesses and shops. Thanks to all of you. Chances are good with this video success.

“Scorpios” owner: We know what happens when he drinks

For her part, the owner of “Scorpios”, Maria Iardanova, responded to the complaints of her former colleague and friend.

“I kicked her out. She turned the store upside down. One night she got drunk and started swearing at everyone and throwing glasses. I've known her for fifteen years. We know what happens when she drinks. It's happened many times. We've had complaints from customers. I had to kick her out because she was running the store up and down. .the world that has experienced it will know” He told us.

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