May 21, 2024

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Agioi Anargyri: The 8-Page Letter of the Sunday Woman Killer

A new revelation about the fateful night The spot where Kiriaki Kriwa Ajioyi was murdered by his ex-partner outside the Anarkiro police station comes to light. The 28-year-old held a letter addressed to him A 39-year-old feminist In which the Persistence He was with her, but it was clear that he was watching her and trying to manipulate her to turn to him.

“Why are you lying to me…”

In its eight pages Letter He writes that he has bipolar disorder and tendencies Schizophrenia characterizes certain disorders. He somehow tries to convince her to stay with him Absolutely manipulative. He seems to be watching her every move. He writes to her, among other things, “Why are you telling me? lie That you are dating P….? Why Don't You Want Me; Please think about it. I said everything until we are good. But something always happened, and because I did it too… I got hold of it, and then I exploded, and I did it my way.

In a letter brought to light by the Star, the killer admits girl He stood towards him A lot While admitting his own mistakes. “We've been through a lot, I've made a lot of mistakes, I didn't lie to you from the beginning, I'm here, I'm here, this is who I am, and I'll do my best until now. I'm perfect, but I'm not, and I'll fix them one by one, so we must be.”

The letter is undated, but it is considered significant that this date was with her on a Sunday Eight pages Letter at the time he went to do it complaint in the field Agioi Anargyro. Apparently, he was scared and wanted to show her to the authorities. But when none of the policemen protected her, the criminal caught her.

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“He had 400”

At the same time, a 39-year-old man in custody Geneva Hospital He creates tensions by being asked to leave, he is expected to be judged by a professional – a psychiatrist as to whether he has serious mental health problems.

The Family The woman says she has four hundred, and all four psychiatrists who have ever examined him say he's a manipulator. Selective Oblivion.

Actually, the lawyers of the family “On his examination by two psychiatrists, Mr Man is fully active and fully aware of what is happening.”

“He'll be a murderer for the rest of his life”

Even so, the natives turned their backs on him. “A crime has been committed here. No matter what we say, the killer of Thanasis is still alive. With or without psychiatric medication, it will not be undone. Take a life. He killed the child through no fault of his own. Sorry what to say? Will forgiveness bring back the child? We also condole with them,” he said.