June 16, 2024

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Severe Weather: Rapid worsening of severe weather – see where they will hit

Severe Weather: Rapid worsening of severe weather – see where they will hit

The first area to receive heavy rains and storms is Western Greece, i.e. Ionian, Epirus, Western Styria, Western Peloponnese. During the next few hours, events there will prevail, while local hail may occur.

The system will move eastward over Greece and last until at least Sunday evening, while at midnight it will also cause temporary storms in Attica.

Sunday is very strong and very Extreme events Expected in areas of western Greece, eastern Macedonia, Thrace and eastern Aegean.

The second feature of the day is a very stormy westerly wind, which will be 9 Beaufort in the South Ionian and 9 Beaufort in the North Ionian in the morning. Temperatures are expected to drop.

On Monday, some rain is expected in western Greece and the eastern Aegean, and from Tuesday afternoon, northerly winds are expected in the Aegean, which will lower temperatures and cause snow in semi-mountainous areas. So Wednesday will be a cold day.

News of 112

Meanwhile, a message was sent by 112 to the residents of Epirus, Aetoloakarnania, Ilia, Achaia and the Ionian Islands, calling for strong storms in their area from Saturday evening to Sunday afternoon – stormy winds and to limit their movement. events.

Specifically, the message reads: “Severe storm-wind warning for your area from Saturday evening 06/01/2024 to Sunday afternoon 07/01/2024. Limit your movements to absolutely necessary during the event and follow the instructions of the authorities”.

Sailing from Rafina and Praias was prohibited

There will be no paths Ships from Ports Tailor And Piraeus Sunday (07/01) due to unfavorable weather conditions Weather conditions. Stormy winds during the day They do not allow safe sailing Ships and thus cables are tied.

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Patras: Emergency arrangements on Athens-Batra National Road

A new wave of bad weather reached Patras, with strong winds and power outages in many parts of the Achaean capital.

Trees have fallen on Patras-Pyrgos National Road.

There was trouble at Patrons Pyrgos at the 4th km when a felled tree fell in the middle of the national road and “cut off” traffic.

A state of emergency is in effect Transportation systems On the highway HostAthensAt its height Eleonas her AgeliaDue to weather forecasts Dangerous weather events.

Specifically, according to Olympia StreetVehicular movement to Athens is, for precautionary reasons, via bilateral of traffic flow Patras.

This decision has been taken to avoid any problem In the end Landslide of soilIn the traffic stream Athena.

Officials are on high alert

Meanwhile, Civil Defense of the municipality Patreon has been laid 24 hour guard And Operational readiness Due to the dangerous Weather phenomena Until tomorrow Sunday, 7/1, .

This decision has been taken due to the weather forecast and the notification issued by the Ministry Climate crisis and civil protection, for dominance serious And dangerous Weather eventswith Strong the rain And StormsAnd powerful wind

Corfu: Ferry closed to all vessels

In Readiness All services are located Political security Inside Corfu Because severe Bad weather It has already made its appearance.

In Ionian A strong south-easterly wind blows 8 Beaufort, The boat ramp is closed CorfuIkomenitsa And LefkimisIkomenitsa For everyone Shipswhile prevailing serious Precipitation.

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Notice in the meantime Extreme weather events Sender 112 For those already living on the island 4 in the afternoon on Saturday.

The message speaks Strong Storms And Stormy wind Through Sunday afternoon, 7/1.

Car accident in the river

One IX Car It fell a while ago At 8 pm Saturday, 6/1, on the river in the area the river. They rushed to the spot Vehicles her fire brigade After crew Who is that They were uncaged theirs Two Travelers in the vehicle. They were taken to hospital prevention Reasons with Medical ambulance of ECAV.

Electricity supply problems in Kefalonia

Bad weather has created problems with Kefalonia's electricity supply. There was a general blackout with DEDDIE in Karavomylos Samis and Lixouri on Saturday night, trying to repair the damage that plunged hundreds of homes into darkness.

In fact, there were reports of 12 Beaufort winds in parts of Kefalonia.

Burini and Pyrgos

At 10:00 PM, the cyclone hit Birkos town causing heavy damage.

Alfeiou Street, report ilialiive.gr It resembles a bombed out landscape and many houses face many problems.

Business establishments such as a marble workshop were also damaged by strong winds that could move even heavy slabs.

The Civil Protection Service and the Fire Service of the municipality of Birkos have arrived at the scene to deal with the damage.

EMY Emergency Bulletin Update

According to the updated Emergency Weather Deterioration Statement (EDEK) issued by the National Weather Service (EMS) today, the weather will deteriorate temporarily from today Saturday (06-01-2024) to Sunday (07-01) evening. ) -2024) Heavy rain and storms and gale-force southerly winds are the main features.

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More details:

Sunday (07-01-2024) a) Heavy rain and storms will continue in western Greece (Ionia, Epirus, western Styria, western and possibly southern Peloponnese) until the afternoon. Events will weaken in the evening. From the early morning, heavy rain and storms will affect eastern Macedonia, Thrace and the eastern Aegean islands with a depression from the afternoon. b) South-southwesterly winds of intensity 7 to 8 Beaufort will prevail over the seas and locally up to 9 Beaufort in the morning in the Ionian and eastern and northern Aegean.

Citizens can visit the EL.AS website for information and updates on the current situation and the passability of the road network due to flood water inflow. www.astynomia.gr. For more information and self-protection instructions from severe weather, citizens can visit the website of the General Secretariat of Civil Protection at civilprotection.gov.gr.

Citizens can be updated daily on the development of unusual weather events through EMY's regular weather reports and EMY's website at www.emy.gr.