April 19, 2024

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Patras: Ex-parliamentary candidate arrested for extortion – he was caught with 150,000 euros

Patras: Ex-parliamentary candidate arrested for extortion – he was caught with 150,000 euros

A case of extortion between businessmen and the arrest of a 50-year-old man who was previously a parliamentary candidate and recently a regional councilor candidate has created a sensation in Patras.

The extortion took place on the complaint of a prominent businessman from Achaia.

Date at a coffee shop

On Friday afternoon, a police operation was set up and a meeting was held at a cafe in the city.

When the businessman handed the 50-year-old a large sum of money, police intervened and arrested him along with a 37-year-old woman who was with him.

He asked for 300,000 euros

According to police, the 50-year-old asked the board members of a rural cooperative for 300,000 euros to provide assistance in judicial and administrative matters that arose after the election of a new president.

A planned meeting followed, and a 50-year-old man appeared with a 37-year-old woman, who were arrested after receiving 150,000 euros, part of which was marked in advance.

Money found on 50-year-old man after police raid

Also, a metal package containing airgun metal pellets was found and seized during the vehicle search.

The arrested persons are taken to the competent prosecuting officer with a case registered against them.

Victim of beating

Two years ago, a 50-year-old man was hospitalized after suffering a stroke.

Since then, there have been serious frictions within certain agricultural cooperatives. Two people were arrested for caning.

The episode took place when 5 to 6 people were holding hands inside a cattle shed in Achaya village.

The 50-year-old was hit on the head with a spade and a wrench, resulting in serious injuries.