February 26, 2024

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Thriller in missing 41-year-old pregnant woman: “Don't be mad at me…” he said in his last message.

Thriller in missing 41-year-old pregnant woman: “Don't be mad at me…” he said in his last message.

A veil of mystery shrouds the disappearance of a 41-year-old pregnant woman in Thessaloniki, with her partner and brother appealing for her identification.

Georgia, the mother of a 13-year-old girl from a previous marriage, went missing on New Year's Day and a missing person alert was issued on Thursday, with her own people worried about her fate.

The 41-year-old disappeared taking a large sum of money with him when he sent two messages to his mother and her partner at different times.

“I know you need the money, but it's necessary. I'll tell you in person. Please don't be mad at me… I love you.”

A 41-year-old pregnant woman has gone missing

In fact, the sleuth team also searched his accomplice's house and took his mobile phone. Authorities are investigating the spot where he went missing, while an assortment of communications is expected to shed light on the disappearance.

Her partner, speaking to the Star, said, “I insist, I keep saying it's a question of tracing her phone. I've looked for her at work, where we go for coffee, I've contacted her friends. Women who've known her for 40 years. What I found out from her friends was, They didn't know she was pregnant.”

The last message he sent before he disappeared

At the same time, Star brought to light the last message Georgia allegedly sent to her partner.

In which she refers to the €5,000 she allegedly took with her before she disappeared: “Good morning my love… I'm home, see you later. I know you won't work anymore because of the lie I told you so we can be friends. I want to tell you something: I took money from your drawer… I know you need it, but it's necessary. I will tell you personally. Please don't be mad at me… I love you.”

Before she disappeared she sent two messages: one to her partner and one to her mother

“To say he's fine, that's all.”

Meanwhile, her brother insists the 41-year-old is only concerned about her well-being: “To get us that she's fine, that's all, I'm not worried about anything else,” he said.

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“I can't understand why this has happened. She texted my mom yesterday morning that something was pending. We couldn't find her, her cell phone was switched off. Nothing big happened in the family to make a move like that and disappear like that. The main thing is that her child didn't report either. We We are worried and don't know what else to do. What I don't like is that it doesn't stick to me in the message she writes to her partner. At the same time, her partner says that my sister took an amount, which again doesn't stick to me because my sister is not that kind of person,” Georgia's brother underlined.