June 21, 2024

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Shock for drivers of old cars

Shock for drivers of old cars

The research data is shocking, when the average age of cars in Greece exceeds 17 years … the risk of a fatal accident with an old car is twice as high.

multiplayer negative consequences in Road safetyIn the environment from trading a lot old cars But also Trucks So is her The financial burden cause to friends highlights them research company Hellas Direct.

As per insurance company research Hellas owns one Sad first in the European Union which relates to the average age of the vehicle fleet. As is known, the European average to IX He is 12 years and l Greece 17 with a growing trendWhile our home finally comes and sweats in middle age Lightweight And Heavy commercial vehicleswhile occupying The last seat in the relevant order for buses.

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the Risks to Road safety Clear, as confirmed by the analytical processing of its data Greek Statistical Service from Hellas Direct. Thus, we note that with the increase in the age of the vehicle, the possibility of causing a fatal accident increases. Specifically, the death rate Traffic Accidents with IX up to 5 years Limited to 15%, It makes sense because they have advanced occupant protection systems, reinforced bodies and efficient energy absorption zones. On the contrary, in passenger cars Between the ages of 16 and 25 doubles The rate of fatal accidents is 30%. The percentage is shocking as it relates to his average age Greek fleet of the IX In our country and not in a limited number of vehicles.

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also , 35% of vehicle drivers up to 5 years It will come out dirty after one Car accidentbut the ratio drops dramatically in the models From 16 to 25 years old And informs 23%, While in the IX age From 26 to 30 years old The chance of getting out safe and sound is reduced to 15%. Of course, these are elements that make it difficult to achieve the recently agreed goals National Road Safety Strategic Plan 20212030, As a decrease in fatal traffic accidents is predicted by 50% until the 2030.

The risk, but also increased pollution Causing old cars Unfortunately, it is also due to poor maintenance on the part of the owners. Unfortunately the checks are out own KTEOs They were made for the eyes of the world and so on They spread out On our roads are poorly maintained, polluted and many times dangerous Road safetywhich must be cut off or passed only after required repairs And restoration work.

Fleet renewal is essential

revamp it Greek fleet So judge him necessary, Even its experts Hellas Direct Calculate this to have convergence Greece With the European average must be replaced 2.3 million cars Of the total approx 5.5 million which are spread in our country with newer vehicles than 5 years. One solution might be to reintroduce the recall of older vehicles at the same time financial support Ha Buy new carsWhere prices have increased significantly during the past two years. This would also normalize and rationalize the high prices of used cars. Hellas Direct also proposes to replenish the IX fleet with little use Models up to 5 yearsWhether by import or through a fleet of leasing companies.

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Role of the European Bank EBRD

the European Bank for Reconstruction And European Bank for Reconstruction and Development With extensive experience in Road safety It can play a motivating role. the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development Invest in Greece since then 2015 more 6.4 billion euros in infrastructure, Various construction projects, energy and banks. An indicative example is the cooperation of the Bank European Bank for Reconstruction and Development with the Hellas Directthe innovative digital insurance company that aspires to more than triple its fleet of insured vehicles and become a dominant player in the Greek ecosystem sustainable mobility.

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