April 19, 2024

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Shock without authorization – Macron sends 1,500 French soldiers ready for war to Ukraine – NATO war yachts worth 100 billion dollars

Shock without authorization – Macron sends 1,500 French soldiers ready for war to Ukraine – NATO war yachts worth 100 billion dollars

NATO returns to Cold War conditions Like the moment that France pledged to have Ukraine join the alliance and to prepare $100 billion over the next five years for Kiev, and reports indicate that France is ready to send a force of 1,500 French soldiers to Ukraine.

As claimed by the representative of the Russian Foreign MinistryMaria Zakharova1,500 French soldiers They will be sent to Ukraine in April And He will be fully prepared To be deployed in the “Ukrainian Theater of Military Operations”.
This is a very worrying development, to say the least, although the United States and Germany have already been quick to point out that they will not get involved in any conflict with Russia.
In fact, reports suggest that Macron was quick to reassure Washington And he does not expect the Americans to help In the case of his soldiers He was attacked by the Russian army The moment that η Bundestag I was keen to announce a Russian strike on French soldiers in Ukraine… It does not require activation of NATO's Article 5 on collective defence.

They sent a battalion of 1,500 French soldiers

He added: “New information is emerging regarding Paris’s preparation of a military unit to be sent to Ukraine.
To this end, the French Foreign Legion command agreed at the beginning of March to form a regular battalion group of about 1,500 men.
The team is expected to be placed on full combat readiness in April “For practical deployment in the Ukrainian theater of military operations,” Zakharova said.
“in the meantime, The French continue part of their history… the work of their predecessors, who were involved in the secret export of cultural treasures from Ukraine, Included Of ancient Byzantine icons, in order to preserve them in France, as they sayZakharova, who accused Kiev of imposing comprehensive censorship in Ukraine, confirmed this.

Wall Street Journal: The United States fears involvement in the war in Ukraine

The Wall Street Journal reported that the United States fears involvement in the conflict in UkraineConcern stemming from French President Emmanuel Macron's statements regarding the mission Ground forces of Ukraine.
According to the post, American concerns focus on whether the United States or NATO might get involved in a conflict with Russia if the Russian army strikes French forces. Which Macron wants to send to Ukrainian territory.
but, The Wall Street Journal reported that Macron assured Washington that would not be necessarywhile recently A report issued by the German Bundestag said that the Russian attack on French forces in Ukraine would not lead to the activation of Article 5 of the NATO Charter on collective defense.
According to the report, the possibility of the presence of Western personnel in Ukraine – both civilian and military – raises urgent questions about how allies would respond if one of them was killed as a result of a Russian strike.
“The Biden administration is concerned that Russia may attack any French forces that may be sent to Ukraine,” the report stated, noting that this could lead to the involvement of France and perhaps other Western countries in the conflict.

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Macron's assurances

But an American official claims so Macron, addressing the allies, said that there is no need for NATO or the United States to intervene if Russia attacks French forces..
The French President said last February that the European Union had agreed to create the “Ninth Coalition for Deep Strikes” to supply Ukraine with medium- and long-range missiles.
He also said that France would do everything in its power to prevent Russia from “winning this war,” stressing that the leaders of Western countries discussed the possibility of sending forces to Ukraine, without reaching a consensus, noting that “there is nothing that can be resolved.” excluded in the future.

Antony Blinken (US Secretary of State): We have no reason to go to war with Russia – it will not happen

Secretary of State Antony Blinken said that an immediate armed conflict with Russia in Ukraine does not serve the interests of the United States In an interview with the French channel LCI.
“There will not be a single American soldier on Ukrainian territory.”The diplomat confirmed.
According to the head of the US Department of Foreign Policy, the United States, for the sake of its national security, will avoid direct confrontation with Russia.
In late February, French President Macron said that Paris would do everything in its power to prevent Russia “from winning this war.”
According to Macron, the leaders of Western countries have discussed the possibility of sending forces to Ukraine, but no consensus has been reached so far.

Douglas MacGregor (American Colonel): Western soldiers will be killed immediately

The Russian army will be forced to the western borders of Ukraine if European countries are not ready for peace talksFormer senior Pentagon adviser Col Douglas MacGregor, warning that any foreign forces sent into Ukraine would be immediately neutralized.
“They don't seem to understand that once they cross the Ukrainian border, they will be attacked
“The Russians can see them, target them and destroy them.” McGregor argued.
As he said: “It will all end when Odessa, Kharkiv and most of eastern Ukraine come under Russian control.
The question then is whether Russia will find someone with whom it can negotiate.
If governments in Western and Eastern Europe do not change, then “The Russians will have no choice but to turn toward the West.”“, claims Douglas McGregor.
The American colonel also confirmed that NATO member states increasingly began to talk about the possibility of sending troops to Ukraine, as they realized the inevitable collapse of the Ukrainian armed forces.

Keep Hungary away from any escalation with Russia

while, Hungary insists that it stands against any proposals that could lead to an escalation of the conflict in Ukraine, a direct confrontation with Russia, or the threat of World War III.
He added: “In the next two days, Hungary will oppose any proposals that could lead to an escalation of hostilities in Ukraine or an imminent threat of world war.
Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjártó said: “We will not support any proposal that could bring NATO closer to war or turn NATO from a defensive alliance into an offensive alliance.” NATO should adhere to its previous decision not to join hostilities in Ukraine Avoiding “direct conflict with Russia.”
As he said, Hungary opposes hostilities in Ukraine, stressing that “it is neither Hungary’s war nor NATO’s war.”
In this context, he expressed his regret that NATO allies are showing conflicting intentions, plans and proposals that may push them “to cross some lines that until recently were considered red.”
Szijjarto reiterated that Hungary would not support them.
“Let's hope that common sense, peace and security will prevail at the meeting of NATO foreign ministers in the next two days,” the Hungarian Foreign Minister noted.

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Stoltenberg (NATO) warning: Russia is constantly increasing its military power – a $100 billion proposal in Ukraine

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg spoke of a continuing increase in Russian military power. Who proposed during the meeting of foreign ministers of NATO member states in Brussels to ensure long-term security assistance to Ukraine.
especially, Stoltenberg suggested that this aid rise to $100 billion over the next five years.
“One hundred billion dollars for 5 years seems like a lot of money, but it's a small effort we need to put in for Ukraine to win.
Otherwise, the price we will have to pay, believe me, will be much higher.
We still haven't figured out how to find the 100 billion in 5 years.
“We can reach a solution that includes bilateral contributions to Ukraine that everyone can accept.”
As he said, Russia is constantly working to increase its military power, which is why NATO must do more to strengthen the defense capabilities of its allies.

Ukraine will become a member of NATO

He added: “We need to ensure reliable and predictable security assistance to Ukraine for a long time.
“We need to rely less on voluntary contributions and more on NATO commitments,” Stoltenberg said, noting that foreign ministers would discuss how NATO could take more responsibility for coordinating military equipment and training for Ukraine.
The general stressed that “Moscow must understand that it cannot achieve its goals on the battlefield.” From NATO, claiming that “Ukraine will become a member of NATO.”
“The question is when, not if,” Stoltenberg noted.

Ten-year security agreement between Finland and Ukraine

In light of these rapid developments Finnish President Alexander Stubb and his Ukrainian counterpart Volodymyr Zelensky signed a ten-year security and cooperation agreement in Kiev.
As mentioned, the agreement covers a wide range of issues, such as providing political support, as well as assistance in the field of defense and security and support in the areas of reform and reconstruction.
“The ten-year agreement is evidence of Finland’s long-term commitment to supporting Ukraine,” the Finnish presidency said in a statement.
In addition, Staub announced that Finland will send another package of defense equipment worth 188 million euros
This brings Finland's total aid to Ukraine to 2 billion euros.