April 18, 2024

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Shocking video: 40 cars pile up with one dead

Shocking video: 40 cars pile up with one dead

The camera inside the truck captures the shocking moment when it collides with its already wrecked cars Carambola.

A very unpleasant event was recorded on a highway in Hungary, when more than 40 cars took part in an incredible event Carambola.

According to the police, five trucks were involved in the accident and At least 37 other vehicles.

This amazing event took place on the M1 motorway, about 25 kilometers west of Budapest.

after collision 19 vehicles caught fireWhile there were also 36 injuries, 13 of them were serious. One of the seriously injured people ended up a few hours later in the hospital.

Rescue forces and four helicopters immediately arrived at the scene, while the fire department quickly put out the flames.

According to the local police – and as we can see from the video – the Carambola Due to poor visibility in the area due to a cloud of dust.


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