February 27, 2024

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He is preparing a “blow” to the deep state before the elections

He is preparing a “blow” to the deep state before the elections

Movements that will prove in the “field” that “war” against the deep state is not yet an empty declaration, and much more pre-election science is being prepared by Government.

The escalation of the relevant signal came with the repetition through the prime minister’s mouth of the blunt warning in all directions: “I will be the first in the battle to uproot every ‘island’ from the country. outdated old country.

This will be the flag that s Kyriakos Mitsotakis He’s going to the election next spring. And his orders in meetings held at a frantic pace Maximus Palace It shows that the government will give citizens before they go to the polls signs of this determination.

according to his information Liberal.gr I have already begun to deal with the first “blow” at the expense of established perceptions and attitudes. A package of legislative interventions prepared by the close nucleus of the Prime Minister’s top aides from the Minister of State, akis skirtso but also him Giorgos Gerapetritis.

It is considered the prototype for the broader initiatives that will unfold in the second quadrant. A plan, according to some sources of information, is in its initial stage and is being prepared in strict secrecy.

It seems that the beginning will be from the “fuse” that led to their national tragedy Speed It is considered one of the most representative examples of the dark process of the old case: operating system environment.

It is clear that the purpose of the government’s interventions is not to target its employees but to restore the community’s confidence in the operational efficiency of the healthy part of the company’s human resources.

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At the forefront of this initiative appears to be the evaluation of the protocols and the training system of the OSE last updated in 2019, but also the following other stages, such as exams, to approve the job placement of employees in company positions and especially in critical positions such as station masters.

The areas that will be examined by radiology through the investigation of the expert committee that has been formed as well as by the judiciary. Emphasis will also be placed on controlling the organisation’s operating model, such as having safeguards in place for adherence to schedules or training shifts, accountability and transparency.

The Tempe issue will continue to be their top priority Herod Atticus And at the parliamentary level, in addition to the production and trade committee meeting and also the final convergence of institutions and transparency, the prime minister appears to be weighing the data in order to spark a pre-scheduled debate himself.

On the one hand, it is clear that the government and the party will gradually pass into the stage of normal life. Within the week, part of the legislative work that was prioritized after the last cabinet meeting will be launched, while the rest of the government’s initiatives will also be launched.

In addition, from the beginning of next week, the program of pre-election visits will start from the mixed levels that have been established. even after Summit meeting On March 23, the Prime Minister is expected to reopen his touring cycle.