February 20, 2024

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Shocking video – the moment 20 students lifted a car to rescue a mother and two children

Shocking video – the moment 20 students lifted a car to rescue a mother and two children

A video clip spread online showing twenty female students from Utah, USA, lifting a car to rescue a school employee and her children who were trapped under it outside their school.

especially, According to the New York PostLayton Christian Academy employee Bridget Ponson was leaving work with 2-year-old Archer and 3-year-old Brightly on Tuesday afternoon when a reverse driver failed to notice them and pulled over, which she said was blinded by the sun.

What did the cameras show?

Surveillance cameras showed a group of at least 20 students running to lift the car to free Ponson and her children, her 2-year-old son Archer and 3-year-old daughter Brightly.

When the children lifted the car, members of the US Air Force brought the mother and children. The 3-year-old was eventually able to crawl out on her own, and 15 seconds later, the pilot rescued the 2-year-old, who was still in his mother’s arms.

What the students reported

“I hear all this noise, and people are telling me: ‘Come help me, come help me!’ So I dropped my stuff and ran out there,” sophomore Theo Roach told KSL-TV.

“We all banded together and started lifting the car,” said Roach, who heard students shouting “lift” in several different languages.

Then he added: “I feel like maybe we don’t look like people who can lift a car, but we still do it.”

Another student, Otuli Simawmiya, told the channel: “I looked under the car and saw the children lying there,” adding: “The mother was saying: Help!” Helps! Help!”, adding: “I was in shock and immediately after that I said to myself: Think about my mother.” I said: What does a man do to your mother?

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What did the school principal say?

School principal Chris Crowder said he was proud of how the school’s students called on “all these kids from different countries to help.”

In fact, he continued, “Girls, boys, it doesn’t matter, everyone took a position around the car to lift it and they did it.”

It is noteworthy that their mother will need multiple surgeries, as she suffered many injuries while trying to protect her son who was in her arms.