February 5, 2023

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Shooting of 16-year-old: New round of incidents in Thessaloniki

It seems that there will be incidents in the same night and in the places they mentioned Chapters between Roma And PolicemenThe tension continued even after midnight on Tuesday with a fresh round of episodes Thessaloniki.

In particular, traffic was blocked in both directions on Lagada Street above the Stavropol flyover after about 15 people set fire to buckets on the road surface.

The road was closed for more than two hours. Patrol vehicles were diverting traffic from parallel streets. After 1 am, a MAT squad was deployed at the spot. Some of the protesters pelted stones and glass bottles and moved against the team. The MAT forces retaliated by firing tear gas.

Thestival.gr tension with Roma in Stavropol

In concerted action, the police chased away the protesters. The assistance of the fire service was required to extinguish the burning tanks and clear the road surface.

Earlier incidents took place in Dendropotamos in Chalkidona, near the Migration Sub-Directorate building, and in the “Agia Sophia” camp, at the height of the “Syria” camp in Thermykos municipality, while more serious incidents also took place. End of the parade in honor of Alexandrou Grigoropoulos.

According to information, after 22.00, individuals N. Plastra went to the street and threw two Molotov cocktails and stones outside the building. The Economic Police resides in Dentropotamos in Thessalonikiwithout any injury.

Watch the video of the attack:

Attack on financial police

The men then left the place, erected roadblocks inside the residence and set fire to it.

Thessaloniki: Roma attack Economic Police building with Molotov cocktails

On Tuesday night, the atmosphere was extraordinary and inside Menidi Attica. Roma They gathered in Morneau Street in the afternoon and protested him A 16-year-old boy was shot From a police officer in Thessaloniki, They set fire to the policemen present in the area and threw various objects.

There was also tension in Auliza Acharnon’s area. Groups of Roma youths, according to police, set fires in the area and attacked police forces with stones and other objects.

Officers used stun grenades Two introductions.


A little before 11:00 pm on Tuesday, silence reigned in Aulissa Acharnon.

It is known from EL.AS. During the incident, 2 police officers were injured by the objects they received and were taken to 401 Military Hospital for first aid.

Earlier, the regional Egalio was also opened, which was closed by Roma who had gathered at the site, while the Avenue of the Tribes was closed until Tuesday night, where Roma groups set fire to tanks and tires. Up to the curbs.

According to reports, around 200 youths gathered at the intersection of Phyllis Avenue and Emmanuel Santo Street and threw stones at the police.

Since the afternoon, groups of young Roma have taken to the streets to protest the injury of a 16-year-old boy in Thessaloniki, causing uproar in the area.

View video and photos:

Menidi Episodes (1)

Corinth – Patras highway opened at Zevgolati height

Vehicular traffic on both streams of the Corinth – Patras highway at the height of Zevgolatiou Corinthia is normally carried out from Tuesday afternoon. The highway was previously closed due to protests in Thessaloniki after a police officer shot and wounded a 16-year-old boy in a pursuit. As the policemen rushed in, the crowd pelted stones and set fires.

Chaos after the Roma incidents in Thessaloniki

Images of chaos emerged on Pontou Street in western Thessaloniki after violent clashes between Roma people and MAT forces.

Burnt tires on the surface of the road, two burnt excavators, stones and all kinds of objects were in the middle of the road, near the Roma settlement “Agia Sophia” and the sub-directorate of Metakoki. Shortly before 17:00 in the afternoon, the situation appeared to be out of control, with fire engines trying to douse the fire.

From 15:00 in the afternoon, around 150 Roma set up roadblocks, set fire to everything in their path and started attacking with marbles, causing great tension in the area. , stones and other materials. . After the police intervened with batons and tear gas shells, the people retreated towards the residence.

Gunshots from a hunting rifle and another weapon began to be heard, making the situation appear to be spiraling out of control. With the intervention of a cold Roma, the extended episodes stopped just before 5:00 PM.

Thessaloniki - Shooting

Episodes with Roma

Patras: Roads around Roma camp closed

There was a new disturbance on Tuesday afternoon in Patras, outside the Roma camp in Riganogambo.

Police have closed the road to Agios Panthes as people throw stones and motorists do not pass through.

Tension has also been reported in Zarouhleika, Patras pelop.gr.

Especially on Anthias Street, about ten Roma gathered and set fire to garbage cans.

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