February 20, 2024

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Signs of the week: nerves, pressure at work, and an unexpected appointment

Signs of the week: nerves, pressure at work, and an unexpected appointment


This week, be decisive. When you make a commitment, commit fully instead of acting immaturely. You are smart and independent enough to make your own choices, so stop beating yourself up.


Stay away from Instagram and Facebook this week. Minimize the time you spend looking at other people's feeds and comparing yourself to them. Focus on your own being.


This week, let logic guide you. Your feelings are important, but they can lead you in the wrong direction, so try not to make a purely emotional choice. Also consider what your mind says is best.


This week, give yourself permission to relax for a longer period of time than usual. Don't think you have to rest because you really deserve it. You can't move at a fast pace all the time. You have to slow down every now and then. You have to catch your breath!


This week, trust your gut. If you have a bad feeling about a situation, remove yourself from it. Don't stay because you're worried you're overreacting. You're better at “reading” things than you think, so if you're uncomfortable, you're allowed to leave.


This week, take a break from your regular schedule. Do something fun. something new. Something you wouldn't normally allow yourself because you're so focused on getting everything done in record time. You don't have to do all that now. You can rest first.


This week, be honest with yourself. Don't let the pressure of others change your behavior. Don't feel like you have to be someone else to fit in with the crowd. You have to be yourself unapologetically, because it doesn't matter what the rest of the world thinks.

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This week for Those of you who are at the beginning of a relationship will need to work hard, but you will be able to successfully end a personal journey. The only path that will lead you to contentment and certainty is the path of maturity and intuition.


This week, ehKnowing that things are weird at work, it is best to avoid any conflict! Sometimes it's better to let your ego take a hit than to take words or actions that you may later regret.


This week, ehBe prepared for some setbacks…but don't worry, it's not scary! If you face the obstacles in front of you, you will transform them into new situations of opportunity and peace.


This week, spend more time on your own thoughts. Take a moment and give yourself a chance to really think about what's going on instead of rushing in and not asking yourself what you're doing or what you want.


This week stop sweeping your problems under the rug. Deal with whatever is bothering you. Acknowledge that there is a problem because that is the first step towards finding a solution. Although you may feel uncomfortable causing a fuss, it's worth listening to your feelings.