February 26, 2024

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Survivor Spoiler (12/2): Which team wins immunity tonight and is the second favorite to leave

Survivor Spoiler (12/2): Which team wins immunity tonight and is the second favorite to leave

Major team turmoil is coming in tonight's episode Survivor

On Sunday night we witnessed a sabotage episode with the fighters winning on the battlefield, against the celebrities, and today for the second day both teams will be thrown into the battlefields.

Zoe Asumanaki was then voted in as the first candidate to leave the island council.

Going by today's events, the Blues will tie the game by sending the Reds back to the board, while the player to be voted out is Olga Bilyacki.

James and Stavroula raised survivor rates

The arrival of James Kaftzis and Stavrolas ChryseidesThe absence of “MasterChef” from Sunday's program has seen “Survivor” appear in increasing numbers on the Nielsen charts.

Thus, yesterday, SKAI's survival show scored 21.5% overall and 18.9% among viewers aged 18-54. Tonight's showdown will be especially important, as “Survivor” will go up against STAR's hit cooking series and reality shows.

Yesterday, at the same time as “Survivor,” MEGA’s fantasy production “Famagusta” scored 22.4% overall and 15.7% dynamic audience rating.

ALPHA's “Skaraveos” achieved 9.7% and 9.2% respectively, while STAR's comedy “On the Borders” achieved 6.8% overall and 7.7% from the dynamic audience.

In the 20.00 area, ALPHA's skit “Don't Start Whispering” retained 13.6% of the total and 14.6% of the dynamic audience.

ANT1's game show “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?”, with Grigoris Arnautoglou, achieved 15.4% overall and 15.5% among viewers aged 18-54.

The Sunday morning area was also of particular interest. Nikos Manesis with “Weekend with Manesis” achieved 20.2% overall and 17.5% in the dynamic audience. “Smile Again!” On MEGA channel, it received 10% and 13.7%, respectively, while “I Love Sou Kou” on ANT1 received 8% and 8.5%.

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“Gia sou” with Maria Pacodemo on SKAI received 8.8% and 5.9%, respectively, while “Dekatianoi” – the predecessor of Valero – achieved 13.2% and 7.1%.