July 20, 2024

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Adonis Georgiadis does not go to justice

Adonis Georgiadis does not go to justice

Different situation From Aris Portos, which shows Adonis Georgiades holding, Who, he said, has no intention of appealing for justice because of the line “Put Adonis and Portosalt in a bag” from the song Panos Vlachos.

The minister said in an interview Monday morning After the actor’s explanation and his post on social media, He estimates that he himself “realized, at least partially, that what he was doing was very thick.”

“I don't know him personally, as an actor I really like him and I really think he's talented. I've seen him a lot because my kids used to watch Murmura a lot. Well, I'm always sad when talented people, in their efforts to arouse public interest, do something very bad,” Adonis said. Georgiadis, speaking to ERT Radio.

“When you say, 'Let me see Adoni and Portosalt in a bag,' it's like saying I want to see them dead, to be killed. This, no matter how you look at it, is neither artistic license nor humor nor anything,” the health minister added.

previously, SKAI journalist, Aris Portosalti, expressed his intention to file a petition for justice because of the verse in question, Which he considers “incitement to murder.” He added: “Do not open a dialogue with an instigator of violence. We will find out more in the Ministry of Justice,” adding:

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“We will go with a lawsuit and a lawsuit and whatever else is needed. Will my family and I hear that I am being killed for my opinions? The only judge is God and earthly justice. It is an anachronism to say that violence is the midwife of history. Should I get permission to speak my opinions?”

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He pointed out in his presentation that “Greece is at the bottom culturally and is heading towards further decline.”

Of course, we're guessing so Adonis Georgiadis decided not to take any legal action against Panos Vlachos, Because “putting him in a bag” does not constitute an overt threat to life, which could procedurally stand in the case. Appropriate or inappropriate as used in a satirical song, in Greek There are many examples of similar expressions, Such as “pig in the sack”, “all in the same sack”, etc., with Mr. Georgiadis in mind, because he is a really good connoisseur of the Greek language (according to his statement anyway).

side by side, As a phrase in this case it refers more In conceptual formulations such as “they boil in the same cauldron,” or in the process of collecting waste, things that would in any case weaken the argument about potential threats to life – which, in any case, are reprehensible.

That remains to be seen, of course If Mr. Portosalti continues In its decision to resort to justice.

For his part, Panos Vlachos responded to the reactions with a message on Instagram. “My words and my art are not intended to incite violence. It is not humor and sarcasm that generate violence. Put me in the bag too. Maybe this way we can get closer.” He wrote distinctively.

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For your information, the Vlachos satire heard two weeks ago in Thessaloniki has been clicked “Here are the policemen who came now.” (New York, 1928) by actor and rebetiko Yannis Ioannidis, who was the protagonist in the symbiosis between rebetiko and the play. In fact, it is the first time the word “policeman” has been heard in a Greek song, meaning a Turkish tax collector. Here the “policeman” is referred to as the hafiz, i.e. parastatals, who cooperated with the police.

The song has been heard in many different versions over the years, and continues to provoke reactions with its anti-establishment dynamics.