July 20, 2024

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Spoiler 12/2: Which team has the advantage of second immunity?

Spoiler 12/2: Which team has the advantage of second immunity?

Recognition for the team that comes out on top in second place on Survivor. Celebrities or fighters?

Survivor 12/2 Spoiler: Survivor It's different now. The new additions have changed the rules of the game in the survival game sky Prediction is difficult. Who will celebrate? Second immunity; Celebrities or fighters?

not Survivor spoiler. However, in the morning Georgia will have something to tell us about what we will see in Monday's episode. the Survivor trailer They give information and some estimates can be made. This time there is no need to wait for that though.

Because the fighters have two important additions. the Stavroula And Mosques He's back again Survivor 2024. Psychology coupled with the blues. It's not just racing. In other words, the Blue Team is back and fighting.

The overall score is now in 13-8 in wins. The celebrities are ahead, but the fighters are getting a win after losing four in a row. It is important that they search for food and finally get the food reward.

Survivor12/2 spoiler: They lead the second immunity

Read on here The team that leads has second immunity.

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