April 24, 2024

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Sirengela at SYRIZA conference: “Despite our ideological differences, we can reach common points”

Sirengela at SYRIZA conference: “Despite our ideological differences, we can reach common points”

Maria Sirekela spoke from the floor of the SYRIZA conference, with a message that there should be cross-party discussions to find a common ground and “reduce the feeling of partisanship”.

“Despite our ideological differences, I am confident that common ground can be reached through internal party discussions, thereby reducing partisan animosity and strengthening the democratic state,” stressed the secretary of the Political Committee. Maria Syregela, Member of Parliament for New Democracy and Western Sector of Athens B2, welcomes the work of the SYRIZA-PS Congress that started today on behalf of the ND.

Describing the representation in party conventions of other parties as a “political cultural movement”, Ms Siringela assessed, “In this way we send a beautiful political message to citizens who normally disagree in Parliament or on television panels”. He pointed out how

“In New Democracy, we support dialogue and we are open to different points of view. We have proven this in practice many times.

ND's Secretary of the PE, referring to his party's founding declaration, said, “We believe that in order for democracy to function smoothly in Greece, a mild political environment is needed, to control political morals and institutions. The special conditions of our country” and “Kriakos Mitsotakis government has worked in this direction for the last four years and It continues to do so and, at the same time, fights against well-established pathogens in the country”.

“We have the political will and courage to fight as many necessary wars as possible, and eliminate some,” he stressed, adding that “we have already succeeded in taking sustainable and bold steps to rebuild the Greek economy and strengthen our national security. We must highlight Greece as a European and development-only country.” “We brought the state closer to the citizen through digital governance, reduced unemployment and strengthened the social state,” he said, recalling that “we achieved all this through constant suffering”. We are called to deal with immigration, pandemics, the energy crisis, the climate crisis, and most recently the timelessness crisis.”

Sirengela: “We must all protect Greece's image abroad”

Mrs. Sirekela also mentioned the European elections, which he takes for granted that we must all defend our homeland from the outside: “I understand that I am addressing an audience. Different positions on some issues are expected, but politically healthy. However, on some issues we must communicate – our ideology. Differences should be set aside,” he said characteristically and added: “For example: I take it for granted that we have to protect the image of our country and our national interests. Is there anyone or anything to argue for? This is something we must take seriously in view of the upcoming European elections. For this reason, it is important that the people who fill our parties' votes are those who are qualified and willing to defend our national interests. I am sure that the work of your conference will also be occupied by the European elections”.

“Of course, I am aware of the special circumstances in which your conference will be held, but I have no intention of entering into issues related to the internal workings of your party,” the ND PE secretary said and concluded his greeting: “Thank you very much for inviting me to be with you today.”

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