February 27, 2024

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Six Things I Know About the Ionian Olympic Games Blog – Kostas Nikolakopoulos

Six Things I Know About the Ionian Olympic Games Blog – Kostas Nikolakopoulos

k wrote Nikolakopoulos Six things in the Gazzetta blog about tonight’s match between Olympiacos and Ionikos.

Olympiacos and Ionikos have a good relationship, he says, so tonight’s match will be easy.

Initially, In fact, the two clubs have good relations at the administrative level, which is why Loveira and Fatiga were loaned to the Neapolis team. From there, let me tell you what I know.

One. With Aris, Olympiacos has better relations at the administrative level. Aris beat Olympiacos 2-1 in Harilao just in September.

two. In last year’s tournament, Olympiacos narrowly defeated Ionikos 1-0 in Karaiskakis and 3-0 in Naples, and the result was a magical picture, as in the first half Vatslik was the hero of the match, after he got three rounds!

three. In this year’s tournament, in the first round, Olympiacos beat Ionikos 3-1 in Karaiskakis with a score of 2-1 to 95.the accurate, thin.

four. This year Ionikos (bottom for the time being) is down compared to last year, but a few days ago forced Major Panathinaikos to a 1-1 home draw.

five. Ionikos took big losses in tonight’s game, with four of its players suspended (one was sent off last Wednesday) and its top scorer, Mantzis, suffering a concussion. But let me remind you that in the first match of last year, on January 5, 2022, Olympiacos was forced to a 0-0 draw in Risoupoli by Apollon, who played due to absence. With half the team – and without a coach.

six. The Ionian Olympics usually produce a lot of drama! With Olympiacos winning after 90the Minute with Stoltidis, Alexandris, Ivitch! But Olympiacos has always been through the small stadium of Ionikos, with the exception of two matches in the early 1990s.

These six I know things and write them down. What should Olympiacos do? Quite simply, to continue what he did with Asteras Tripoli, that is, to play well, to continue his good game in the end, and to be effective. Moreover, this is the only way he can do something in the second half of the season, whether in the league or in the cup.


Could We may not like it, but the fact is that Olympiacos managed to win two consecutive championships this year by force! Both with Mitchell, one beat Atromitos 2-0 and OFI 2-1 away and the other beat Panayolikos 2-0 away and Wolmia 2-0 2-0. Now, Olympiacos are coming down from 5-0 at home against Asteras Tripoli and let’s see if they repeat the same thing.

I don’t think Mitchell is risking anything and he’s going to line up the best lineup he can. After all, the next match, in Volos, is in five days.

It is irrelevant, has nothing to do with the topic: Ronnie Lopez. Another bad assessment of Pedro Martins, not asking for his stay in the new season, as Sevilla gave him on loan. In the French Championship this year with the notorious Troyes, who was on loan, the Brazilian has three goals and five assists to his credit in just ten matches as a starter, playing mainly on the right outside, but also 10, as he was yesterday in Strasbourg-Troy 2-3, as he had an assist and a goal. Let’s remember that since last January, for 3.5 months, Martins did not give a single minute to Rony Lopez in the league, until he was substituted in the 3-3 draw with PAS, with an own goal in the 97th minute …

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