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Hit them all with the loudest statement yet! | Blog – Antonis Calcaforas

Hit them all with the loudest statement yet!  |  Blog – Antonis Calcaforas

Antonis Calcaforas comments on the effective and defensive performance of Panathinaikos, which achieved a valuable and convincing victory and left promises of a better continuation. The first “Red and White” concert this year and “unfair” for Obradovich.

Older people will surely remember his historical statement Nikos Galis After winning the quarter-finals Eurobasket ’87 with the Italia (90-78)! «Yes, this was the biggest victory of my career!The “gang” responded, adding almost immediately:Until next time, though!»

That’s exactly what happened with him tonight Panathinaikoswhich “regressed” by 8 points from the competition’s leading attack (before the match he scored 90.8 points), forced a highly formed team such as Baskonia In the turbulent retreat of the second part achieved the most important victory (98-83) in this year’s “marathon” (until the next race) and took a deep breath.

No, it is no exaggeration to name ‘more significant’ for the first European victory with ‘clover’ in front of his fans of the year and the former ‘green’ legend of European basketball and the current president of EuroleagueAnd the Diane Boderoga who was found and deified in him ok.

The explanation has several axes:

Or not, “exasteros” got a very valuable victory, which, had it not happened, the team would have had a serious problem in terms of points. The record will drop to 1-6 and her dangerous exit city (opposition of the major Lantern), maybe bring more ramps and start developing! The comfortable and persuasive domination of the inconceivable Basquebring calm (2-5), a powerful dose of self-confidence and a huge psychological boost for the next hard part.

secondly, The work done last week in training is paying off. The Dejan Radonic He convinced his players to play more basketball for the team, emphasize defense and discipline in their roles, and within 8 days we saw a team with great creativity (18 assists) and no drives (7 fouls), a group that raised its profile in rebounds and shots. With high percentages of two indicators (56.3%), while until the previous season it was in the last places in the above statistical categories.

ThirdIt was the majestic and lively appearance of the “greens” that “pushed” the world and gave hope to a path with a goal, affecting both sides of the field. The 98 points represent the team’s best offensive performance, while the top 83 attacking points represent a successful defensive night.

the fourth, the Montenegrin coach who also deserves the applause of the podium, beat his players to a large extent. Because they did most of what was asked of them all week on the floor and they satisfied the result.

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Fifthly, and most importantly, with so many subsections, the team got so much from just about every player that in the end the organization, albeit belatedly, felt justified in their choices. Besides its most stable value Derek Williams (16 p.m., 4 p.m. and 2 cel), x bacon (16p., 4p. & 3as.) showed that he wouldn’t take long to adapt to his role, taking less abuse and offering more material.

from very close and dowry, who was a quiet force with leadership qualities and prolific contribution (15p., 5p. & 3cl.). I put him first Babajianiwho scored his first double this year (11p. and 11p. with 5/7 shots) and proved why when he’s the protagonist, Panathinaikos has a great chance of winning.

Excellent estimate for the 16.5 minutes he played, well deservedly Nate Walters. He was crucial in the 29-16 segment of the third period, which basically decided the match and 9 points, 4 rebounds and 7 assists with one foul says it all.

But the biggest “green” gain of the night was his performance Grigones. The Lithuanian, who was wanted so far and was shot at a low professional level (37.7% of the field), found his foothold and showed his usefulness (13p. & 2p. with a 4/7 shot), when not everything depends on him.

His presence was clearly positive too Paris Lee (12p., 3as. & 2kl.), which, in my opinion, exaggerates his attempts (the three throws he tried is too many) and I think it would be more useful if he found more rhythm through defense and less through attack.

In conclusion, the above data is a very useful and reliable basis Panathinaikos It should build on the back of his biggest improvement. Wins and appearances like tonight are a guarantee that in the long run, the Greens can face the playoff battle closely. They just need to become consistent and stabilize their level of performance…

The perfect match for November!

Without completing a month and a half of the racing season, Q Olympic He was able to present two faces. The one who was configured with him at the start of the season and in the first 10 days of October had a great focus on defense (62.0p) and gave him the right to start with 4/4 in Hellas And the Europeto conquer it Super Cup and leave”Palau Blaugrana“.

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Subsequently, the exceptional automation of the attack and the unprecedented “harmony” that they gained with the New Year’s “Good Morning” gave players great confidence, which led to a decline in defensive tasks. The abuse, you see, is very nice, and when it works very efficiently and saves speed, the philosophy of ban sometimes fades.

Something like this happened in Piraeus, starting with the European premiere behind closed doors at chefwhere is the Zalgiris He became the first team to score 80 points in the “red and white” basket. followed by 79 Peristeriou87 her Reality92 her Baskoniaher 81 Monaco and has 83 Valenciawith an average “stop” of 66 (with Mars) and 61 points (with Laurel) Straight.

In conclusion, from the negative average of 62 points and his team is unbeaten in the first four games of the season Giorgos Bartzukas He rose to 78.6 and this defensive weakness cost his first two home defeats and “eliminated” by 2/3 the “comfort cushion” that the guest gave him unbeaten (3-0)!

That was the reality until the match with her were supporterswho may have traveled to Piraeus With 6 players missing, five of the seven players from the tournament climbed onto the floor of the Valerico Stadium Obradovic In recent matches, mainly those without him ExumThey were in demonic form and participated in the victory over him Panathinaiko.

If doubles deserve more credit for the more common spread (87-58) of the season and the most active on both sides of the field, well, that’s because for the first time this season their success started and ended in the back.

The fact that Mr. Olympic The visiting team forced a low offensive performance in all four periods of the match with the highlight in the last quarter when they conceded only 4 points and finished the match 39-13 (from 23 minutes when were supporters He dropped 48-45), showing the maximum concentration with which he got to the ground but also how long he spent in the defensive part where they made 12 steals and forced their opponents to make 20 fouls).

And all this on a team that had the second-best attack before Jamball with an average productivity of 87.1 points and was the first on all three throws at 42.8%! The last “treasurer” showed that “Red and White” ceded their net 29 points and reduced the Serbs to 25% behind 6.75! Individually, not hot Kevin Bander With 27.5 points and 75% (9/12) on three throws in the last two games, he limited his team effort to 14 with a 6/13 shot.

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If we consider in all of the above that the home team played another offensive match (55.6% shooting 5/9 is the only drawback), with 58.8% in two throws and 51.9% in three-pointers with 14 accurate shots, then it is realized that their abilities are really very high.

In order to reach their peak performance, it will take some time and the goal is to succeed in the month of April. For the month of November, a picture like this against were supporters It is more than normal…

Health 1: The slocas (17 points, 8 seconds with 3/4 metric tons) The killer player was probably at a loss ValenciaHowever, I think his overall performance so far this year (13.4 gal and 7.1 gallons with 92.1% volume and 56.4% dp) – as well as being the best among his second spell in the ‘Port’ – is the most decisive for his team’s trajectory.

Health 2: We know him as the oldest basketball editors of my generation Zeljko Obradovic At least 23 years old! With all due respect to him – which I earn and more than most of my colleagues, The alleged ignorance mentioned in the record (At the press conference after the match) Regarding his participation or not Papapetro in Greece national teamIt is a great injustice on his part.

Health 3: Especially since the Serbian club decided to grant only international Serbian players NationalIt is clear that it is up to his decision. Unless Zeliko wanted us to believe that you didn’t really know (no one had heard of it!) or had any part in your team’s “no” to the Hellas

Health 4By God, you have the right to defend the rights of your association. But first of all, do not adhere to different standards and norms of the Greeks and Serbs, and secondly and most importantly, show honesty, respect and answer. In my humble opinion, that was the least you should do towards the people who respected you the most…