February 26, 2024

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SMITE 2 has arrived, with better graphics thanks to Unreal Engine 5 (video)

SMITE 2 has arrived, with better graphics thanks to Unreal Engine 5 (video)

The long-awaited sequel to Smite has become a reality after 10 years of being in the MOBA gaming arena. His revelation Smit 2 -as it will be called- has been made with a satisfying trailer in its context Hit the 2024 World Serieswhile we also got to know the first information about its new features and its renewed approach to its path E-sports.

First of all, the biggest improvement is the visuals over its older predecessor since SMITE 2 runs on the graphics engine Unreal Engine 5which counts Stunning and cutting-edge graphics and animation. After all, the first game was released using the now-obsolete Unreal Engine 3 in 2013, and the transition was bound to happen at some point. You'll see the regenerative physics and effects of the spells and abilities of the gods from Smite Pantheon in the trailer below.

The same significant improvement is promised by the creators Sound, gameplay and user interface, where last year was more modern and cleaner to the eye. The gameplay adds new abilities to some characters already on the roster

Even thanks to the improved SMITE 2 backend technology It will offer cross-play feature For two players and one Ranked mode has been updated with new structure, levels and better matchingalways according to the so-called Titan Forge Games.

With alpha testing launching next spring Five new gods will be added to Smite 2 The first would be the god of Greek mythology Hecate.

It is worth noting that the original Smite will continue to exist as a separate standalone game, will receive updates in the near future and will not be completely replaced by Smite 2 – as was the case with Overwatch 2. However, Titan Forge stated that Smite will stop receiving new gods When No. 130 is released next February.

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For this reason, not all Smite 1 characters are guaranteed to transfer to Smite 2, as are player items. According to their plans, Titan Forge wants to start the “no-scan” beta phase at the end of 2024, at which time Smite 2 will have a roster of 25 characters, with a new character added every week.

Register for the opportunity to participate in the SMITE 2 alpha test By clicking here.

Below you can see the trailer for Smite 2, which will be released PC via Steam and Epic Games Storeas well as in PS5 and Xbox Series.