June 19, 2024

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Sokratis Koukalis has teamed up with the son of the former Panathinaikos player!

Sokratis Koukalis has teamed up with the son of the former Panathinaikos player!

Sokratis Kokkalis will assume the duties of Chairman of the Board of Directors in the new structure. With Mr. N. Makropoulos as Vice President and CEO, while maintaining his executive powers. The company intends to nominate Mr. N. Makropoulos to the position of Non-Executive Chairman of the Board of Directors of EUROPI HOLDINGS SA.

Signing on 05/29/2024 of a binding memorandum of agreement – framework for the acquisition of “Europi Asphalistiki” and subsequently creating a new corporate structure, under the name “EUROPI HOLDINGS”, through its merger with the listed A.E. Klokenas Labas (KLM) and Intracom Properties have announced the launch of Intracom Holdings.

According to market executives, the acquisition of Europa Insurance for EUR 47 million changes the realities in the insurance market as EUROPI HOLDINGS will create a framework for synergies in the real estate sector, which has significant margins in relation to the development of insurance production. In fact, the new company is expected to be strengthened by KLM’s real estate portfolio – Intracom Properties, but also by new funds from businessmen and prominent figures. Of course, Europe already has a strong property insurance portfolio, so the strengthening of the new scheme will come from the use of the properties of the Intracom Group and its subsidiaries.

The company confirms

It is worth noting that, with its announcement, Intracom confirmed the company’s existence in a letter addressed to the stock exchange, indicating that “the company is conducting relevant discussions with an insurance company, taking into account the provisions of current legislation, and will inform the investing public after completing them.”

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Ancient acquaintance with Socrates and quote by Macopoulou

“I have known Socrates Cokkalis from a long time ago and from other times. Of course, we did not have white hair at that time. Getting to know us greatly helped in concluding this agreement.” Nikos Makropoulos, owner of Europa Insurance, had a lot to say from the Intracom assembly hall about the deal and did not fail to thank his wife and daughter for putting up with his grueling hours to achieve what he said he had achieved. Of course the question is by what measure? S. Cokkalis, from the columnist asked yesterdayHe did not mention many details, but the two have known each other since they were young socially and have been following each other’s progress. However, there appears to be another connection, related to football, as Nikos Makropoulos’ father, Achillias Makropoulos, was from the 1970s. Part of Panathinaikos and was president In the period 2011-2013 and Vice-President of the Association headed by Apostolos Nicolaides. Makropoulos, as he is known, was also active as a manager in football, so their paths crossed with S. Cokkalis several times. However, Makropoulos’ remark about Intracom Group’s participation in the Voria project In Marosi it was all money, as the owner of Europe said “just give me this for insurance, my profitability will increase by 200%”.

Source: news247 and newmoney.gr