June 19, 2024

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Super Blonde also became a merchant

Super Blonde also became a merchant

the Alex Hersheyalso known as Youtube like Supercar Blondiestarts a new business that will matter Car auction.

The 38-year-old Australian has signed a deal with SPX carsWhich will be sold at public auction Very rare cars. the Auctions had started from April 2 It is expected to take place 15-20 per week. The range will be full of Supercarsclassic cars, Super cars And luxury yachts.

the channel Supercar Blondie She has it now 18.5 million Registered Accounts It is one of the largest car channels in Youtube.

the SPX Through it, Hershey will hold a car auction and will work across Los Angeles and Dubai, with a small team also working in London. And she goes out He earned very well Of cooperation, considering that the channel Supercar Blondie Almost attracts Two billion people per month.

the SPX Raised more than 100 million dollars Through car consignments, even before the auctions begin. So, we are talking about a business move the win For both sides.

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