February 22, 2024

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Someone already has a Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra in their hands (photos)

Someone already has a Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra in their hands (photos)

the Samsung The company is frantically preparing for the big reveal of its upcoming phones, but it looks like some people already have one of its three new devices. In case you don't know, Samsung disassembled This event is scheduled to be held on January 17, where Galaxy S24.

We recently brought you news that one S24 Ultra owner uploaded a video showcasing the device before its time, and now new images have surfaced from another owner. More specifically, two Samsung images have been circulating on the Internet in the past few hours Galaxy S24 Ultra In someone else's hand.

In fact, the owner of the device also shows the packaging of the phone and you can see the images below:

The images above show Samsung's upcoming flagship phone in a different gold color alongside the titanium frame we've been hearing about all these months.

Some information about the Samsung Galaxy S24 phone:

Samsung appears to be aiming to balance production costs, with the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 being the most notable spec this time around. The Galaxy S24 Plus and Ultra are expected to share 12GB of storage, and the base model will start with 8GB. Regarding storage, leaks indicate that there will be options with up to 1 TB of internal memory for the Galaxy S24 series, although it is still unclear whether they are expandable using a microSD card. The entry model options will be 128GB and 256GB with the only option being 8GB of RAM, while for the S24 Plus it will be 256GB and 512GB with the only option being 12GB of RAM and finally the S24 Ultra will similarly come with the only option being 12GB. GB. RAM and options of 256GB, 512GB or 1TB of storage.

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Naturally, Samsung is expected to officially reveal the external appearance and all features of the devices within a few days from today. So, to know anything new, stay tuned to unboxholics.com.