July 20, 2024

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Sony unveiled its first car and drove it with a PlayStation controller

Sony unveiled its first car and drove it with a PlayStation controller

Edited by: Giorgos Palikaris

Sony and Honda became partners in 2022 when the two Japanese giants announced plans to work together on an electric car. For this purpose, Sony Honda Mobility was created and its first innovation was demonstrated yesterday at the CES technology exhibition in Las Vegas.

The reason for this is the Afela, a fully electric sedan that is almost ready for production and will begin its commercial run in early 2026.

Sony brought Afeela to the stage with a Playstation controller

Izumi Kawanishi, president and chief operating officer of Sony Honda Mobility, used a Playstation 5 controller to “drive” the updated Afeela on stage in front of the CES crowds.

Overall, it has some minor differences from the Vision-S concept we saw at CES 2020 such as regular mirrors instead of cameras, a redesigned bumper with a spoiler, and a black piece above the license plate.

Inside, the dashboard consists entirely of displays while the steering wheel demonstrates its futuristic character.

Regarding the technical specifications, the Afeela has a dual motor that provides four-wheel drive. Both the front and rear motors produce 241 hp at the respective axles and are powered by a 91 kWh lithium-ion battery.

Sony Honda Mobility will open order books for the Afeela in 2025, when production is expected to begin.

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