December 9, 2022

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South Africa: Appointment of the head of the Anti-Corruption Commission of Inquiry to head the Constitutional Court

South Africa: Appointment of the head of the Anti-Corruption Commission of Inquiry to head the Constitutional Court

#other countries : Judge Raymond Zondo, who led the South African State Corruption Inquiry Commission headed by Jacob Zuma (2009-2018), was appointed Thursday to preside over the country’s Constitutional Court.

Zondo, vice-president of the court, the country’s highest court, was promoted by head of state Cyril Ramaphosa, Zuma’s successor, after lengthy televised hearings in February of the four candidates for the post.

The President of the Constitutional Court is the defender of the rights of all South Africans and has the responsibility to ensure equal access to justice»President Ramaphosa said in a statement announcing the appointment of Judge Zondo.

I am fully confident that Judge Zundu will honorably fulfill this task.»he added.

Zondo will take office on April 1, when the commission he heads will prepare its fourth and final report.

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The Constitutional Court has never deviated from its intransigent position, which calls on Zuma to comply with the orders of the commission of inquiry. When the former head of state refused to testify in July 2021, the Constitutional Court ordered his 15-month prison sentence for contempt.

Zuma’s prison sparked protests that turned into riots and looting that left more than 350 people dead, the worst violence in the country since the end of apartheid.

Zuma was released on medical terms in September after just two months in detention.

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The Constitutional Court has to study the other cases related to Zuma, as the three reports already published by Zondo’s investigative committee have laid the legal foundations adopted by the prosecution.

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Zuma was forced to resign in 2018 after a series of scandals surfaced. His successor, Cyril Ramaphosa, promised to eradicate corruption.