July 23, 2024

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The evacuation of a group of Moroccans stranded in the inferno of Sumy

The evacuation of a group of Moroccans stranded in the inferno of Sumy
The city of Sumy in northeastern Ukraine, devastated by war, has been subjected to several bombings. Thanks to the truce that began on Wednesday, thousands of civilians, including Moroccans stranded in this stricken city, have been evacuated. The latter managed to infiltrate Poland. This was announced by the Moroccan embassy in Ukraine, in a tweet on Twitter. For his part, the Kingdom’s ambassador, Fouz al-Lahbi, specified, in a statement to the Maghreb Arab News Agency, that the evacuated group includes thirty-five students who were evacuated in coordination with the state authorities.

The ambassador provided more information on the progress of this process. In fact, students are smuggled by rail. They took the train, which is the safest way, and then moved from Poltava to the city of Lviv. This journey took 28 hours, according to Ms. El-Ashbi.

The Moroccan embassy in Kyiv, located in the border town of Lviv, is coordinating with the authorities of Ukraine’s neighboring countries to manage the infiltration of Moroccans.

Concretely, the Kingdom’s embassy in Kyiv has set up a crisis unit to coordinate crises with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. A cell that works 24 hours a day, according to the ambassador, who announced that 7,000 Moroccans were able to leave this country and return to the kingdom.

Until now. Efforts are continuing to evacuate the rest, knowing that before the war there were more than 9,000 Moroccan students in this country, according to statistics revealed by the Ukrainian ambassador to Morocco.

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