May 18, 2024

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Transport Minister sacked for ‘grave misconduct’

Transport Minister sacked for 'grave misconduct'

Tthey want “Today, he terminated the duties of the Minister of Transport, Issa Bakay, for committing a grave error in the exercise of his duties.”The Algerian presidency announced, without further details. The same source stated that the Minister of Public Works, Kamal Nasri, was assigned the temporary presidency of the Ministry of Transport.

No official sources or the media provided any indication of the nature of this “gross misconduct” assigned to the Minister.

His dismissal comes the day after the Ministry of Transport announced more than 100 additional flights for the national airline, Air Algérie, abroad as of March 15, after a sharp drop in flights within the framework of restrictions related to the Covid-19 pandemic. .

Aged 57, Bakay has held the position of Minister of Transport since July 2021. He previously served as Deputy Minister in charge of Foreign Trade in the first government of Tebboune’s presidency that was appointed in January 2020.

In January 2021, Algeria’s president dismissed Bekay’s predecessor in the Ministry of Transport, Lazhar Hani, as well as the CEO of Air Algérie for agreeing to banned imports. These supplies were related to the catering activity on board, at a time when the airline was closed due to Covid-19 and faced financial difficulties.

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