October 1, 2023

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Spanoulis: The night God bowed down too

Spanoulis: The night God bowed down too

In a stunning ceremony hosted by KAE Olympiacos, Vassilis Spanoulis bent down, cried, and entered the hall of “Red and White” history, where he saw the number 7 jersey on the roof of SEF.

End of No. 7 the Vassilis Spanoulis He saw his shirt falling back onto his roof chef. In an atmosphere of passion and emotional charge and in a crowded SEF, S Spanoles I teared up.

He cried thinking about all he had accomplished and what it brought him to receive so much love. He cried as he saw the messages from his teammates, competitors and friends. He cried as he pointed to his family and support and dedicated his career to his father, whom he lost at the age of fifteen.

“Everything I did, I did for Olympiacos to win.” From number 7 to infinity, Spanoles is in the pantheon of Olympic history. Even…the gods bow before their exploits.

Spanoulis: Night of Legend

The big party started with his bands Olympiaco Which Armani To take their places. The lights were turned off so the audience could hear the chant of “Vassilis Spanoulis.” Images from his career began to be displayed frame by frame in the SEF cube. His big shots but also…family moments with his kids in the stands watching him throughout his journey.

Olympiacos Presidents, Dr. Panayiotis And George Angelopoulos She took her place on the floor. Next to them, the only trophy he won with Spanoulis was carried by his constant travel companion, George Printezis. The second European Championship that Spahn won with Piraeus was knocked to the ground by the captain, Costas Papanicolaou. So it’s time for SEF to fall. Spanoulis took his place in the center of the SEF to the sounds of the “Seven Nations Army”.

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Panagiotis Angelopoulos said Spanoulis brought a winner’s spirit to the team. In turn, Giorgos Angelopoulos said, “The history of Olympiacos changed with Vassilis the leader, and he deserves what he is experiencing today.”

World basketball legends sent their own message broadcast from the SEF cube. the Vasilj Mesic, Nikola Jokic, Luka Doncic, Pau Gasol, Boban Marjanovic They paid tribute to V-Span’s massive career with their lyrics. After all, the Slovenian was known to have the Olympiacos legend as his idol.

Then the floor was taken Nikos Zisis. The best man of Spanoulis with whom they wrote countless kilometers in the national team. He talked about his two best man values, basketball and his family.

Next was Kostas Papanikolaou, who stated that Olympiacos’ mentality changed with the presence of its captain, while thanking him for what he gave him.

In closing… Congratulations from the magical world of the NBA, his words were KAE’s surprise Nikos Galis. The Greek basketball “gang” wished that Spanoulis would become a role model so that many children would follow the basketball line for him.

Nearby and Sasha Vezenkovwho made the surprise and came from Sacramento With special permission. Wearing a Spanoles jersey, he stressed that his basketball family is in Valero, and that today he is honoring its greatest athlete, so it was not possible for him not to be near him.

Printezis immediately took the microphone, because he had his own story to tell, she pointed out. “How did we end up like this with the suit,” he joked to Spanoulis, going on to say that Spanoulis confided in him that he had great confidence in the 2012 team, which also won the EuroLeague title, since the summer.

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Spanoulis sayings

It has given me the opportunity to lead a very large team“Spanoulis’s first words, when he took the floor, were of course in reference to the superiors.”It has been my dream to play for Olympiacos ever since I was at Marousi and I was sure when I made the decision that I would succeed in every possible and impossible way. We have been through hardships but I hope all athletes can feel even a little bit of the love I received from you.

I know I often became annoying, they found an excuse to run away from me at airports because they were bored talking about basketball and I thanked them.

“I took you at two in the evening to solve the issues. I wanted leadership and success and I succeeded with Olympiacos,” he continued in disgust, and concluded his speech by thanking everyone who cooperated, saying that everything he did he did for Olympiacos’ victory.

He concluded by saying “thank you” once again to his wife, mother and brother, while dedicating his career to his father, whom he lost at the age of fifteen. Obviously frowning and in a poignant atmosphere, words from the heart.

Spanoulis jersey retired

The legendary captain of Olympiacos was sitting in the middle of the field. by George Printezis Next to him and him Costas Papanicolaou There, as it was during their run all these years with Olympiacos.

Thus reaching the climax of the evening. At a time when he should have had his family by his side. In addition to the large building he built, which was the building of his wife Olympiacos, Olympia Hobsonido His six children stood beside him.

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One button was all it took to unbutton his shirt. The first “red and white” to retire. In a cold atmosphere, with tears and endless applause, the great Vassilis Spanoulis entered the Olympiacos complex with all reverence.

“It’s the biggest night of my career, beyond trophies.” The number “7” adorns the shirt SEF, as a symbol for adults to remember and for children to learn what Vassilis Spanoulis is.