April 13, 2024

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sportdog.traction | Finished it at lunchtime on SKAI

sportdog.traction |  Finished it at lunchtime on SKAI

It seemed particularly revealing…

My Style Rocks: In today's episode of the fashion reality show, Nikolina made a big difference and appeared in an all-black look that was underground.

The young lady who tried out her style in this special session of My Style Rocks, told Katerina Caravato that she works as a DJ and goes to play music in an underground bar in Berlin.

At first, because she had closed her vinyl coat, it wasn't that impressive, but when she opened it and everyone realized that she was wearing a see-through top with a corset, also transparent, after covering her chest with… straps, everyone was helpless. Open speech.

Lakis Gavalas and Evelyn Kazanzoglou were impressed by her bold look, giving her a high score, specifically 3 points.

But Stelios Koudounaris had many objections to her appearance, saying that although what she was proposing was good, her pants should have been tucked into her shoes and she should have chosen a coat with wide sleeves.

Finally, Stelios Koudounaris gave it two points.

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