April 18, 2024

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Zozo Sapondzakis: She wore pink when she left the hospital

Zozo Sapondzakis: She wore pink when she left the hospital
Zozo Sabundzaki has been discharged from the hospital, and in the photos that were published, it seems that the actress has not lost a moment of her mood, due to the adventure with her health.

“Super Katrina” showed footage of the actress, from the moment she left the hospital, after long days spent in the hospital. Zozo Sapundzakis came out dressed in pink, painted and well-groomed 'Errikos Dunan'.

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Through her post, Zozo Sabundzaki stood with the medical staff and wrote on Instagram: “How much eh?”I can feel happy among these wonderful scientists but above all humans! Thanks for everything”.

Her close associate spoke to the Alpha morning show about the actress's adventure and her situation now that she is back home.

“When we arrived at the hospital and the doctors told us that the situation was serious and would get more serious if we did not go to her immediately, things were going to be difficult. He is taking some medications to get better, and of course now he is eating a more balanced diet.” He said distinctively and added:

“Zuzu has suffered a lot this year. Her two brothers died several years ago while she has normal relations with her nieces. Zuzu entered the hospital drawn and stayed that way. After a few days she took a mirror and asked me to draw and comb her hair again.”.

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