February 22, 2024

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State of Play: PlayStation's first major trailer of 2024 is official

State of Play: PlayStation's first major trailer of 2024 is official

The rumors we brought you today have been confirmed as Sony has finally officially announced the following Playing status to Play Station, Which is expected to be long in duration, revelations and things to be seen.

the PlayStation's first state of play of 2024 So it will be Tuesday, January 31 at 12 midnight (12:00) Greece time will It lasts for a full 40 minutes Where many games will be shown.

Two of them confirmed by Sony's announcement are Star blade And Rise of the RoninWhich will be released this year on PS5 and will be widely displayed. At the same time they will be given A new look at titles Which will be coming to both PlayStation 5 and PS VR2 through 2024 and beyond. In the related PS Blog announcement, it was also noted that there will be appearances from “Some of the most talented minds“In the gaming industry.

The aforementioned State of Play leak also mentioned other games that will be presented at the exhibition, which are the following:

the Rise of the Ronin By Ninja Team

the Death Stranding 2 By Hideo Kojima

to Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth At Square Enix

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One A remake or remake of Sonic Generations From Sega

the Silent Hill 2 Remake By Konami

One New Metro game (maybe virtual reality)

the Judah From the creator of BioShock

Remastered of Until Dawn For PS5 and PC

It remains to be seen next Wednesday if the above leak is finally true. Below you will find the convenient YouTube player to watch the State of Play on Wednesday 01/31.