July 23, 2024

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The Fairynails owner talks to The Best about his life as a professional and as a father

The Fairynails owner talks to The Best about his life as a professional and as a father

President of Fairynails, who since 2017 has been working to perfectly beautify our limbs – and not only – Yannis Tsikouras took over the communications and management part of the well-known company.

Now owning two shops, one in Paparegopoulou Gorge and the other on the New National Road, with close partner his nail expert wife, Dora Kitari, they have created a happy family, which will grow even more in the new year! They boast a 16-month-old son and are expecting their second child in March. Mr. Tsikouras spoke to The Best magazine about his life as a professional and as a father. Who said that beauty treatments such as manicures, pedicures and spas cannot be combined with parental love?

What's it like to work surrounded by so many women?

At first, I thought I would feel uncomfortable and embarrassed, that I would have difficulty with it. After all, I've never been in a difficult situation. We support each other. I make the appointments and handle all the administration, while the dedicated female team provide the highest possible quality of service.

Does beauty play an important role in a woman's life and daily life, according to your experiences in the store? Do they take advice or arrive determined?

As I have found, not only do they want a beautiful and elegant appearance when they come to us, but it also enhances their psychology. It's a fun break from the routine of commitments. The same escape, a nice way out for the worker who, for example, takes a break from the morning and evening hours. Naturally, nail care now has a dominant influence on the female image. Many clients come who are fully aware of fashion trends and sure of what they want, but there are also many ladies who ask for our opinion and information on the latest trends and new technologies. Fairynails is frequented by young girls accompanied by their mothers for light manicures, and elderly ladies who have problems with their feet.

Is it easy to raise a child with two working parents? How involved are you with your son and what do you usually do together?

In practice, my wife and I share the professional and family burdens, as we work together. Fortunately, she and the toddler bear more of the burden. Times have changed and home needs concern both men and women. We work all day every day, and there is obviously a shortage of time, but what is left I will dedicate to my son. It goes without saying that there is physical exhaustion, but emotionally you feel refreshed and comforted by the relationship with your child. For me, the moments with him are meaningful. We enjoy the hammocks at Bessalonia, the stroller rides at the center, and the coffee stop. I was so happy in the summer that he loved to swim in the sea… For me, the presence of a child is also an incentive for development.

Did he show any signs of his personality? What do you hope for his future?

He seems selfish and insists on what he wants until the end. I dream of him following the paths he will take. If I can, I will be happy to help him achieve this.

We hear time and again that new generations hesitate at the prospect of having children. Why do you think it's impossible?

Financial reasons prevent young couples from having children. I think they both want and can succeed.