February 22, 2024

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State of Play: Watch the second PlayStation Show of 2024 live!

State of Play: Watch the second PlayStation Show of 2024 live!

2024 has started with a bang Playing status View from Play StationThe company provided the community with what they can expect in 2024 and beyond. For example, we saw the highly anticipated Death Stranding 2: On The Beach, as well as several titles that will be part of this year's PS5 lineup, such as Rise of the Ronin and Stellar Blade, while there were also many pleasant surprises. .

The show set to renew its date has closed very soon, after the gaming giant announced the launch date of its next offering. The second State of Play of 2024 is just around the corner and will be released shortly after midnight today.

Below you will find all the information you need to know.

When is the new PlayStation State of Play coming out?

The new state of play went live tonight after midnight. Specifically, the broadcast will begin on Wednesday 7 February at 1:30 (Greek time).

Where can I watch the new PlayStation State of Play trailer?

The program will be broadcast live on YouTube. Twitch And Tik Tok You can also watch it through the following player.

What games will be featured in PlayStation's new State of Play showcase?

Sony has officially confirmed that the show will focus on him Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, offering an in-depth look for those interested, with over 20 minutes of all-new gameplay. It is possible that there will be other surprises, but what is most likely is that the new State of Play will be exclusively concerned with the continuation of the Square Enix remake.

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It should be noted that Sony mistakenly leaked that after the show a completely free demo will be made available to PS5 owners to experience the upcoming exclusivity of the ecosystem.