February 26, 2024

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The Simpsons wore an Apple Vision Pro eight years ago

The Simpsons wore an Apple Vision Pro eight years ago

In the summer of 2023, Apple presented at the Worldwide Developers Conference its new product, the long-awaited one Virtual reality headsetby name Apple Vision Pro. A few days ago it was officially released in the United States where the tech giant stated that about 200,000 units have already been sold.

What is Apple Vision Pro?

This headphone belongs to this category Mixed reality It combines digital content with natural landscapes and landscapes. In other words, the user has the ability to navigate through their favorite apps using their eyes, hands, and voice, all while remaining present in the world around them.


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Or almost thereafter videos that have been circulating around the world for a few hours now, show Apple Vision Pro users walking down the street wearing them, ignoring passing cars, young people on the subway and waving their arms as if they were “hypnotized,” even an unconscious person who decided to wear them. VR headset and driving his car.

But it seems that all of the above has been seen somewhere before. Perhaps with more humor than the above photos.

And who can “predict” them better than them simpsonsone of the most famous families in television and modern popular culture.

In an episode of 2016 Titled “Friends and family“You can see it.” here– The Simpsons humorously presented a world where people are immersed in virtual reality, They navigate their daily lives wearing a VR headsetwhich refers to what happened over the past few days, following the release of the Apple Vision Pro.

Except for Homer and MargeIn the episode, Springfield residents engage in various activities wearing virtual reality gear in chaotic and austere situations as they crash into utility poles or fall into wells.

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Images and excerpts from the specific episode have spread online in the last few hours, many of them arguing that the specific technology and what followed have great similarities to Apple's new product.

However, there are many who do not attribute this “prediction” to the Simpsons, as in 2015, the year before the episode was released, the company made Samsung The Gear VR was launched, while in the same year Google Pull out Google Cardboard. There were already Oculus Rift and HTC VIVE products.

Guess what… The Simpsons predicted the future… again“One user wrote to another, expressing his admiration for “How they continue to predict the future with chilling accuracy!While a third commented:The Simpsons is looking more and more like him Modern Nostradamus“.

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