February 26, 2024

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Stoiximan Premier League: Schedule of PAOK, Panathinaikos, AEK, Olympiacos and Ari until the end

Stoiximan Premier League: Schedule of PAOK, Panathinaikos, AEK, Olympiacos and Ari until the end

The regular duration of the Stoiximan SuperLeague is coming to an end and this is the schedule for PAOK, Panathinaikos, AEK Athens, Olympiacos and Aris in the four matches.

Her league Stockman Premier League It has now entered its final stage, with only a few remaining 4 matchesin order to know the situations in which PAOK, Panathinaikos, Eek, Olympic And Mars They will enter the playoffs.

In it, there are derbies and serious matches for everyone, with the result that the top three places are open to the same number of top teams on the leaderboard.

PAOK program

the PAOK He has a tough schedule, except for the derby with Olympic The next one has “sticky” matches on both Wednesdays cup by Panathinaikos And three away matches Wild, Ceres And beast.

  • (02/18, 20:30) Greek PAOK – Olympiacos
  • (02/25, 17:00) Panaytolkos – Greek PAOK
  • (02/28, 20:00) Panserraikos – Greek PAOK
  • (03/03, 19:30) Lamia – PAOK

Panathinaikos programme

the Panathinaikos In theory, the easier task will be until the end of the regular season, as Leoforo will only leave once for the trip to Crete and the match against them. OFIthe last round of the match.

  • (02/17, 20:00) Panathinaikos – Lamia
  • (02/25, 20:00) Panathinaikos – Kifisia
  • (02/28, 21:00) Panathinaikos – Aris
  • (03/03, 19:30) OVI – Panathinaikos

AEK software

the Eek He has two easy games in New Philadelphia with Kifisia And Performance appraisal system IoanninaBut equal numbers have the exception beast located in Sixth place And MarsThey hide the risks.

  • (02/18, 19:00) AEK AEK – Kifisia
  • (02/24, 19:00) Lamia – The Greek Ike
  • (28/02, 19:00) Aik Aik – Pass Ioannina
  • (03/03, 19:30) Ares – AEK Athens
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Olympic programme

the Olympic Sunday goes to tuba instrument For the derby with PAOKWhile he has another dangerous way out until the end, this is against Agrinio against the Panetoliko Which “burns” points in order to move away from the last positions in the standings.

  • (02/18, 20:30) Greek PAOK – Olympiacos
  • (02/25, 18:00) Olympiacos – Asteras Tripoli
  • (02/28, 17:00) Panetolikos – Olympiacos
  • (03/03, 19:30) Olympiacos – Volos

Mars programme

the Mars It has the most difficult schedule, as it plays the last two matches in a row Panathinaikos And MarsWhile on Saturday he travels to Athens to play the match with… fearless.

  • (02/17, 19:30) Atromitos – Ares
  • (02/25, 19:30) Ares – Volos
  • (02/28, 21:00) Panathinaikos – Aris
  • (03/03, 19:30) Ares – AEK Athens

Ranking in 22 matches

1. PAOK 51
2. Panathinaikos 50
3. EC 49
4. Olympiacos 44*
5. Mars 35

*One point was deducted from Olympiacos.