May 22, 2024

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Strike: “We want increases” – images of a large demonstration in the center of Athens

Mass strike mobilization Performed in Constitution Today, April 17, thousands of people from unions, labor centers and federations, dozens of branches of work Fight for a deal with Salary increases And yes are taken meter In fact.

They protested with them Self Employed, Women, PensionersYouth and women.

What do employees want?

With a basic slogan “We want real wakes upWe want Repeat them Our collective agreements And We need it now”, the representatives of the workers emphasized the need in their speeches Immediate action is taken Address time constraints and eliminate memorandum provisions that impede free collective bargaining.

“Along with the unemployed and pensioners, the employees of the private sector once again united their voice of protest against the life crisis experienced by every Greek family,” GSEE points out.

Demonstrators, after speeches Klathmonos Square, They marched in ParliamentThere they submitted a resolution of censure.

A large number of people were requested to attend the meeting Marathon March on Sunday, April 21But also in labour-Popular street racing It was dedicated to the 200 communists hanged on May Day 44 Sunday, April 28.

Koussoubas – Haritsis were also present

The general secretary of K.K.E. Dimitris KoutsoubasWho pointed out:

“We fight measures to deal with the cost of living of all Greeks together with all working people by signing collective labor agreements, increasing salaries and pensions, reducing and abolishing direct and indirect taxes. VAT on public consumption goods, energy and fuel taxes, ENFIA and KKE etc. in the set of proposals we are going forward with”.

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At the same time, next to the crowd was the KO leader of the New Left. Alexis HaritzisHe said in his statement:

“Government policy that destroys labor relations, promotes greedy inflation and increases inequality is not a one-way street. Society will answer.”

Vehicular traffic is regulated

Now, the Cycle All traffic regulations in place since morning have been lifted due to congestion in the center of Athens.

Metro, electricity, tram stopped

Metro, electric and tram drivers are reminded that handbrake is raised 24 hours a day.

In their declaration, the STASY unions called for a wage increase beyond the minimum to protect the purchasing power of low- and middle-income families, direct recruitment of employees to meet the company's permanent needs, and immediate strengthening of the National General Collective Labor Agreement. .

How do buses and trolleys run?

Along with the work stoppages, bus and trolley workers are participating in GSEE's 24-hour strike.

According to OASA Labor Union and ILPAP Labor Union, city buses and trolleybuses will run from 09:00 to 21:00 (start of shift to 09:00 and end of shift from 21:00) due to the strikes.

Movement of vehicles will resume gradually once the strike is over and accordingly, progressive withdrawal to depots will begin.

The workers are demanding public, safe, modern transportation, a collective labor agreement and recruitment of workers, signing a collective bargaining agreement.

Buses regularly ply on OASA routes taken over by KTEL.

Taxi strike

With a strike from 05:00 pm to 15:00 pm, the owners participate Taxis on strike. With the slogan “No taxis on the roads”, the Taxi Drivers Association (SATA) has called on all taxi drivers to participate in the strike for “tax, project interruption and the triple whammy of shutting down multinational companies”.

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What itineraries in trains and suburban trains will be carried out with security personnel

The Panchayat Railway Federation is participating in this strike. However, according to Hellenic Train's announcement, some routes will be manned by security personnel.

In particular, in its announcement, due to the 24-hour strike announced by the GSEE, in which the Panhellenic Railway Federation (POS) is participating, there will be suspensions and changes in routes throughout the network, including suburban ones. . “To better serve the passenger public, Hellenic Rail will operate the following routes with security personnel:

  • Section Athens – Thessaloniki – Athens: 52, 53, 56 and 57
  • In the section Larissa – Thessaloniki – Larissa: 1591, 1592, 2593, 2594, 1597 and 1598
  • On the Piraeus – Kiato – Piraeus section: 1300, 1305, 1318, 1323, 1326 and 2301
  • Piraeus – Airport – Piraeus Section: 1206, 1207, 1222, 1223, 1230 and 1231
  • Section Athens – Chalkida – Athens: 1532, 1535, 1550, 1553, 2530 and 2533