July 22, 2024

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Super Tuesday is the day of judgment for associated environmental schemes and payments due

Super Tuesday is the day of judgment for associated environmental schemes and payments due

But information about obstruction on the part of technical advisors worries farmers and increases their anxiety about the timely outcome of the process.

In the record, however, is the way to approve payments Direct aid (Separate and connected, as well as special support measures on small Aegean islands) opened the relevant circular OKWhich was signed in the middle of last week and appears to facilitate the completion of the work of the administrative apparatus on time, specifying that the sampling rate of applications be one per thousand.

In all cases, according to the circular, the auditors appointed to carry out the administrative and accounting control shall conduct a sample examination to ensure the correct calculation of the payment amount for the approved orders and complete the administrative and accounting control list and sign it with the items examined. In particular, through the information system supporting the individual assistance request and the relevant “screens”, the regional unit or AOK is selected and verified according to:

  • From the payment history, the sampling rate of farmers' orders is determined by random sampling, which should be one in a thousand.
  • Then, through the application program, the sample of producers to be examined is determined by random sampling, which is printed as a control sample in the form of a detailed payment statement.
  • One reviewer examines the entire sample while the second examines a 10% sample of the beneficiaries examined by the first reviewer.
  • The administrative and computer control list is then completed and signed by the auditors.
  • The first and last pages of the detailed payment statement are printed.
  • The consolidated payment statement is printed.

Bank holiday poses an obstacle again

As with agricultural oil, which was paid a day late due to the Catholic Easter holiday, another such hurdle is emerging in the upcoming Holy Week payments. Some banks have already sent letters to their customers informing them that due to the Easter holiday and the relocation of the Labor Day holiday, debt payments and deposits that would have been recorded from Maundy Thursday, May 2, will be carried out on Wednesday, May 8. It is considered the next business day. This means that any payments to farmers must start on Tuesday 30 April, so they have two days before the banks will see the money, especially if it is not at Piraeus Bank, so that all farmers can withdraw the money before the Easter holidays.

Full report on Add Which rotates

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