June 23, 2024

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What does raising Standard & Poor's to a positive outlook mean for Greek debt?

What does raising Standard & Poor's to a positive outlook mean for Greek debt?

In a surprising move – for Athens, S Standard & Poor's House He surpassed himself yesterday by taking a new successive step in the development of the Greek economy. The agency maintained its rating for Greece at “BBB-“, but raised its expectations for the next downgrade to “positive.” In six months when he comes back with a new rating, we will see if this streak can continue or not.

Standard & Poor's is now creating the conditions for new improvements: growth, surpluses, and debt reduction with reforms that will move Greece forward. He believes that all of the above is happening and attributes this to reform work and the New Democracy Party’s self-reliance. But also on one condition: that society can see the benefits of progress, and continue to support and participate in the efforts.

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Even in times of war and economic instability – on the verge of recession – in Europe, the American House “risked” by sending a message of recommendation to its clients (investors) who follow it, to trust in the Greek economy, for the sake of development and security. That can provide. As he asserts, “With its re-election last year, the New Democracy government began implementing a strong reform agenda.” Announces promotions if its work continues. But it warns against downgrading if:

-Fiscal performance has deteriorated and the current account deficit has increased significantly beyond our expectations

– If geopolitical and external pressures hit Greece harder than we assume today.

What is the risk?

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“In our view, the main implementation risk is the emergence of reform fatigue, especially if improved economic outcomes are not felt throughout society.”

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