June 13, 2024

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Survivor All Star: Departures and Tensions in Celebrity

Survivor All Star: Departures and Tensions in Celebrity

Survivor All Star: After a “heated” council with many tensions, another departure from survival reality is announced.

after “hot” council With many tensions, another departure from the reality show was announced.

The nominees are Panagiotis Konstantinidis from the Fighters group and Eurydiki Papadopoulou, Eleni Habré and Christina Kevala from the Famous group.

Giorgos Lianos announced that Survivor All Star is leaving Christina Kevala with the player announcing that she expected it.

“I’m happy my team is getting stronger. I expected it, life is over. I fought, it didn’t work out for me, everything is fine.” Christina Kevala said before leaving the beach of Agios Dominicos.

Earlier in the council it was preceded by a very large one intensity Between the two teams on the occasion some girls urge Christina not to compete in a match that would give the two teams a tie or win but to replace her with someone else.

Specifically, it was Urideke Papadopoulou and Stavrola who asked Kristina not to play, citing the fact that Kristina had been complaining for several days that her leg hurt a lot.

Christina still took it upon herself and played, but unfortunately she lost and that was her last match in Santo Domingo.

On the blue side, Marialena states that the move is clearly a matter of strategy, while giving Christina credit for choosing the competition.

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