June 21, 2024

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Survivor All Star – Fight Taki – Vassalou: “It changes women like T-shirts” – “It’s tragic”

Survivor All Star – Fight Taki – Vassalou: “It changes women like T-shirts” – “It’s tragic”

The two friends, Konstantinos Vassalos and Takis Karagounias, had a misunderstanding.

While the players were discussing the vote, Caragonia made a joke, saying “Vasalos changes women like shirts.”

This remark disturbed Vassalos from the point of view of the conversation, calling Takis “tragic” while wondering how he could say such a thing to him when he didn’t know what he was doing with his personal life.

Specifically, he said, “How does Takis know what I’m doing in my personal life. And if he knew… Totally inelegant, completely out of the game. Tragic and unacceptable.” 4 months and because he got voted off again, it’s my fault.”

The game is changing – huge prizes and trips are coming

The union of the two teams in “Survivor All Star” made possible new data in the Cottage, and new tensions and alliances. But we haven’t seen the best yet! The game, as it approaches the final, contains many surprises for celebrities and fighters as well as die-hard viewers.

In particular, in the new week the schedule of matches changes. We’ll see two immunity matches instead of three and two rewards matches instead of one. The latter, in fact, would be offered to them by Atgone Eligali himself, an item foreshadowing huge prizes.

As revealed by Nikos Bartsoulis on SKAI’s “Our Breakfast”, two fire episodes are being filmed today and tomorrow in Agios Dominicos. The winners will have the opportunity to travel to England and Miami on Agon’s private jet, of course. These are two great prizes, in two destinations that will impress participants.

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The only sure thing is that they will give their best on the battlefield and the concern will “hit” the red.