April 18, 2024

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Eteocles Pavlo: “Wounds never close, we live a lonely road”

On the occasion of the interview of Ioanna Palliosisro in Bruino, S Eteocles Buffalo He proceeded to make a touching confession on air Breakfast @ Star.

More specifically, Eteocles Pavlo stressed: “The people we live with are something very heavy. Sad as it may seem, we are doomed for some reason to live a very lonely path, and the wounds never close. You live a lonely path, no matter how positive your horoscope is. You don’t You want anyone to go through what you went through and you always live to set an example.But you yourself feel incredibly lonely, because these things cannot be explained by a human brain.

No living being, whether animal or human, should experience such a thing. We are born and must die fit, or without such experiences. We can never really get over it within ourselves. We have a lonely path or a burden to carry on our own. However, we always strive to set an example for the rest.”

«When I was in the hospital, there were people who wanted to watch TV and they told me we weren’t going to make it because everyone there was perfect. Since you’ve been in touch, do you know how happy they are to open the door to a human with an extra member? You don’t have to be perfect to be on TVEteocles Pavlo concluded his speech.

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