June 1, 2023

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Survivor All-Star: In the hands of Aguru Sakis for the point – the blood ignited in the match

Survivor All Star: The tension from the cottage carries over to the races

Nicolás Agoro pulled off a huge upset without upsetting his opponent as much as he did.

However, before the end of the match, the two players famously brawled, pushing each other.

Watch the video:

Constantinos Vassalos is visibly annoyed today by the attacks he is receiving from Nikos Partzis.

Speaking about the issue in particular, he said, “I’m sorry, players, because I’m competitively weak.”

The feud between the players continued even before the immunity match with the players responding to each other on the topic of nominations.

The team that wins the food tonight and the three “battle” for the exit

After three immunity games, on the Thursday before the bitter exit, one of the two teams will be “sweetened” with a prize of delicious food.

The Fighters have already drawn it to 1-1, while today we expect to see the celebrities find themselves in the dugout and have to find other players from their squad to be candidates for retirement.

The five nominated players are the Spyros Martikas, Evi Saltaferidou, George Koromi, Melina Metaxa and Takis Karagounias.

Tomorrow the players will compete for the food prize. The situation hasn’t changed and the fighters won the food prize again on Thursday and they leave full belly and less anxiety about getting out because only one player is running and that’s… Spyros Martikas.

As for the departure, logic says that Spyros Martikas, the main protagonist of the reality show, will again stay in Agios Dominicos. The same applies to Takis Karagounias.

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So the exit battle will be decided between 3 players.

Jorge Korome, Milena Metaxas, and Evie Saltafredo.

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