April 18, 2024

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Survivor All Star: Martica showed up in the Greco-Turkish match – Mayhem in the match with Karagounias

Survivor All Star: Martica showed up in the Greco-Turkish match – Mayhem in the match with Karagounias

First, on Wednesday’s episode, Giorgos Asimakopoulos and Nikos Partzis commented on the former’s candidacy for the Island Council on Tuesday. Now in the blue team there were two groups, one with Asimakopoulos and Bartzis and the second with Ilias Bogdanos and Spyros Martikas.

The first two who spoke on the beach discussed that the standards were not competitive with Asimakopoulos complaining about the attitude of most players.

Nikos Partzis, in turn, believes that the reason Asimakopoulos voted out was because he was hanging out with him. “Anyone who hangs out or talks to me will be voted out, as we saw with the two immunities. The competition is over. For me it was psychology, for Asmakopoulos it was not rivalry. Welcome to the individual! Everyone can vote what they wantNikos Partzis told the cameras.

Indeed, Asimakopoulos, in turn, said: “He voted for me because I hang out with Nikos. You miss him so much, Elias. Let’s say I want to go further and have a strategyHe said angrily how Bogdanos covered him when he wanted to go with Saki to the monkeys in the forest in Koro in Survivor last year and called him «Absolute bummer».

The company Bogdanos suddenly made with Spiros Martikas, whom he didn’t want at first and told Partzis not to hang out with, also comes into focus. In fact, they become labels and, according to the players, they create strategies to move forward. “You think people don’t see this… ass and burgers».

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Koro by Asimakopoulos – “It’s where the wind blows”

The red group were discussing in the hut the candidacy of Giorgos Asimakopoulos for the sixth time and also why they voted for him.

Speaking to the camera, Kourou said that he is waiting for Asimakopoulos to come out of the ballot box, stressing that the reasons for voting are not competitive but behavioral.

«For some reason it just doesn’t go well with some people. Competitively, he is a good player. It is not the game that is voted for but his behavior. It’s his personality that makes him a candidate because he’s a solid player, and we’ve seen thatKuro said distinctly.

«His personality made him a candidate for Where the Wind BlowsThe red team player finally said.

Vassallo’s theory of the relationship with Torkala

The match against the Greeks and Turks that would follow brought back memories for the players, who recalled the matches as well as the relationships they had developed with the opponents.

«So at 17 I saw two eyes staring at me. After the match, those eyes continued to focus on me. When it was time for us to go eat there he spoke to me. You all remember Sampreet, who gave me sweet eyes. I gave her a flower and she ate her cufflink

I’ve never seen him. Give me the green light, and I’ll take the next step and eat my cufflinks. Either she didn’t like the flower I gave her or the tzatziki I gave her after a while. Anyway, it’s a nice memory, it’s good to flirt, and it’s good to have fun and laugh but He stayed there and did not go any further. Report a complaint to the player.

It’s hard being in a long distance relationship anyway. So say you love Torkala. what to do next; Will you fix them? Here we are one in a hut and the other in another hut. Then out of the game, one Türkiye and the other Greece. That’s about the ruckus hereKonstantinos Vassalos said of long-distance relationships.

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«Who is free from our team? Takis. As a pious teacher, I will help him get closer to herHe joked at the end.

Takis found his missing brother

On Wednesday night, the big match everyone was waiting for took place with a mixed match between famous Greek and Turkish survivors and fighters!

In the fighting arena, the Greek and Turkish players were introduced with Atzoun and Giorgos Lianos to welcome the teams to a unique game that celebrities and fighters have been waiting for for a long time.

During the meeting, when Atgün said that the Greeks and the Turks are very similar and he would not understand from which country, Giorgos Lianos noticed a striking similarity between Takis Karagunia and the player of the Turkish national team. “They look like lost brothers,” said Llanus.

Then Atgun asks how old they are with Taki saying he’ll be 50 and Toriko says he’s 49…so they’re the same age! The players and presenters burst into laughter.

The Blue and Red team from Greece and Turkey put all their energies into winning a prize, which would give the winning team unforgettable moments and bring the two teams of the two countries closer together.

The fight had only one hero. for him Spyros Marticuswho initially kept the blue team alive and sent the match into the third set, defeating Sakis Katsoulis.

In the exciting flag race, Spyros Martikas was the one to take the win and the prize for the blue team.

The blue team players erupted after the final victory and raised their hands to the absolute champion of the match.

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In the other group, Marielina Romiliotis could not comprehend how the prize was lost and began to … complain to Sakis Katsoulis.

At the end of the game, all the players worshiped Martikas and couldn’t believe he had achieved 5 out of 5

At the end of the episode, the Greek and Turkish players from Team Blue enjoyed a rich dinner and then danced to the tune of live music.

New tension with Karagonia and departure on Thursday evening

In the trailer for tonight’s Survivor All Star, viewers will once again see Takis Karaguña infuriate his teammates.

The tension will be so high that even Ilias Bogdanos will stand up for himself over the 49-year-old’s behaviour.

At the same time, viewers will find out which player will leave Santo Domingo, and not get to the Union party.