April 18, 2024

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Survivor All Star Suite: The next exit favorite

Survivor All Star Suite: The next exit favorite

Teams have now made it clear who they want to join and who they want out. On the other hand, the public has clearly shown its intentions towards the nominees… and this is how we might know who is leaving on Thursday, March 23rd of Survivor All Star.

In the Thursday episodeGiorgos Asimakopoulos, Konstantinos Vassalos, Tzu Maridaki, Melina Metaxa and Panagiotis Konstantinidis claimed to remain in the match. This was announced by Giorgos Lianos Joe Maridaki is the one who left Survivor All Star. The blue team player left the board in a good mood and with a smile.

Now both teams have shown which player they want and who they don’t because the candidates are usually well known…

Spyros Martikas and Eleftheria Eleftheriou from the Red Team They are the guys who are into taco while From the group of fighters Panos Konstantinidis, Giorgos Asimakopoulos and Melina Metaxa They wouldn’t be affected if they heard their name.

However, both the Blues and the Reds continue to fight on the battlefields, with the latter now offering more to competitions and not pursuing enough reality, but at the same time achieving some victories.

Who’s going to be on taco next week? Who will be the player leaving next Thursday?

The stats speak for themselves and this is how it looks It will be very difficult for Panos Konstantinidis to avoid the next departure. It is almost certain that if his team loses, his teammates will vote for him and he will not be able to compete with George Asimkopoulos’ TV audience.

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So according to the first estimates and based on the statistics of the players, Panos Konstantinidis will not be able to surpass the votes of either Eleftherou or Martikas, as well as Asimakopoulos, Vassalos, Karagonia and Metaxas.