June 19, 2024

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Survivor All Star Suite: Who ‘fixed’ Spyros Martikas? I’m at a dead end

Survivor All Star Suite: Who ‘fixed’ Spyros Martikas?  I’m at a dead end

Survivor All Star spoiler: After Gotsis and Pilidis were fired, Spyros Martikas became the “target” and brought a new “headache” to the Turkish game producer, Atjun Ilijali.

The ups and downs occurred within a few days Survivor All-StarWhether with changing teams or eliminating two of the best players in a survival reality show. Elias Gotsis And Eurekas Peledis They are back in Greece after breaking the rules of the game, and now the big question is not who will replace them but who will follow them.

The person who has been at Target for the past few hours is none other than him Spyros Marticus. According to leaks from Saint Dominic, Martikas had contact with Greece – specifically with his sister – which was decried in the production. In fact, it is stated that the complaint was filed by a player who was sent off for the same reason! The player who was in illegal contact with Greece is The one who “gave” Spyros Martikas.

in this year Survivor All-Star Three of them are the people who broke the contact rule. the Asimina Hatzendrio, the Katrina Dalaka And Eurekas Peledis. All three were coexisting with Spyros Martikas in the game, thus all three They could name it In production that the pharmacist also committed the same crime. For now, however, the information states that Production checked out the complaint He did not find evidence that would lead to the expulsion of Spyros.

Here, of course, comes a big question mark as to what position will be taken Ajun Ejali. It is reasonable for the Turkish producer, who “pays” players with gold, to be angry at their position and violation of regulations. This was also seen from the text he read George Llanos During the announcement of the dismissal of Goutsis and Pelides. On the other hand, he is now facing a quandary on how to form the teams Survivor All-Star If everyone who has committed any kind of crime is expelled.

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Well… the watermelon and the knife are currently in Ajun’s hand. actually Al-Turki was worried about how the teams would rebuildeither by moving it back Elias Bogdano Either by subverting it by “copying” it Sake Katsoulis In blue, and now in front of him are new “thorns”.

Anyway, Wednesday’s episode (3/29) will see the two teams compete for the communication prize, while Atjoun returns to play it. auction With food, in order to “calm down” the atmosphere somewhat. Despite the absence and expulsion, however fighters They will be able to win it Communication Award Today, despite Thursday’s departure (30/3), the Data will lose one of their players because all four favorites are on their team. According to spoilers, for Survivor All Star, it’s the player who leaves Eleni Habiri.