May 28, 2024

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Survivor All Star – Spoiler: Twist This team wins the calling award

Survivor All Star – Spoiler: Twist This team wins the calling award

Survivor All Star spoiler: Except in cases of disqualification due to a violation of the regulations, both teams will be invited to claim the calling prize

For food, communication … Everything was done in it Survivor All-Star.

So today the two teams are competing for the communication prize. According to the leaks from Santo Domingo, the blue team is the team to beat after a losing streak.

Last week, the Reds were lucky enough to win this award.

Pilidis’ first appearance

Giurikas Pelides and Ilias Goutsis return to Greece with smiles after being kicked out of the Survivor All Star for violating the regulations.

Ilias Gotsis uploaded fellow traveler Eurykas on his personal Instagram account, writing: “The perfect one on a trip.”

In another post, the two players sat side by side with Eureka just waking up.

Meanwhile, Elias Goutsis gave his response to his firing from Survivor with a video he uploaded to social media.

Following accusations that he had arranged with a local resident to bring him food, Elias Goutsis said in a video he uploaded to social media: “Maybe it didn’t turn out the way I planned, but I still really mean it, I feel like a winner because all the time I’ve been reading your messages, I’ve been feeling so much love. I know I’m getting real hugs. Like you said and in the game some people have some ideas.” And some principles that go and end with them. I served them, now through thick and thin I’m here. However, I believe the most powerful weapon is to forgive and move on. I don’t hold a grudge against anyone. Another lesson. In 2018, I reviewed many material things Which I took for granted. I think 2023 has taught me a lot in the area of ​​human relationships, so I feel a little ‘wisdom.’ I’m so full of love because of you and we have a lot to talk about.” He said among other things.

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The funny video

And the winner of Survivor 2018 also shows with a humorous video how he made his … trades.

In the video, Elias Goutsis goes to a local man who is financing him and says, “Today is a food shack,” and runs away.

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