June 21, 2024

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Survivor All Star: The ups and downs of George Lianos with changes due to elections and Eurovision (VID)

Survivor All Star: The ups and downs of George Lianos with changes due to elections and Eurovision (VID)

“I have some important announcements to make,” said the presenter.

Again, Sunday night, it was Survivor All-Star We got to our TV receivers through the SKAI program. The red and blue teams met again on the battlefield, the survival reality show host, George Llanos To jump into the first immunity fight.

introduction Survivor all staffr, however, was going to surprise everyone with the announcement he made to them about the changes in the current week. Which, of course, is happening because of both the Eurovision contest and the political leaders’ discussion of the upcoming parliamentary elections of 2023.

In particular, Giorgos Lianos pointed out this “I have some important announcements to make regarding immunity matches this week. This week we will be playing two immunity matches. Today we usually play the first immunity match and of course the first council will follow in the week where the nominee will appear. But tomorrow comes the most important immunity match, the second and final for the week No matter what you do today, whether you win or lose, tomorrow there will be two more candidates from the losing team.”

This means that we will have at least three candidates to leave this week and one of them will leave. Also, I am referring specifically to the red week, this week the rule of two does not apply and the girls are not protected. There are four men and two women left, so everyone can vote as usual.” Survivor All Star host added.

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It is worth noting that this week, Survivor All Star will stop broadcasting its episodes on Tuesdays. This is not Wednesday when the political leaders for the upcoming 2023 parliamentary elections will be debated, nor Thursday when Greece will compete in the second semi-final of Eurovision 2023.