June 25, 2024

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Survivor: James is in a tough spot in tonight's episode

Survivor: James is in a tough spot in tonight's episode

The trailer has aired for tonight's episode of Survivor and it focuses on James Kaftzis. The production delivers some news to the player of the blue team, which will bring him special charge and inconvenience.

Without revealing exactly what happened, the player is shown saying to the survival reality camera: “As soon as I woke up I felt the ground disappearing beneath my feet, and I couldn’t process what I was hearing. I didn’t understand it and I felt so lost.”

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James Kaftzis continued: “I don't know. I'm confused, very emotionally confused, and still in shock. I don't know exactly what to do or say.”

In the island council, Giorgos Lianos announces to the others what is happening in the presence of James Kaftzis. “We knew from day one you entered Survivor that you were a big worry.” The announcer said to the player who was sitting in his seat, looking very sad and worried. Alexis Pappas took the floor and told James Kaftzis: “You need calm, what you want, psychological support, we are all by your side.”.

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